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Introducing the New and Improved Our Alpha Release Unveiled!

We’re excited to announce the Alpha release of, our latest and most significant update yet. This isn’t just a rebuild; it’s a complete engine rebuild, designed to enhance your experience in finding and soon, selling car parts. Expanded Product Range We’ve made a significant leap from our previous 45,000 products to an over 300,000. […]

2024 Fresh Start

I launched CP a few years ago with the mission to provide the most comprehensive search engine for performance car parts on the planet. That was a big dream and with help from some good friends we built Compare.Parts. We ended up with 40k+ products on the website from shops around the world. But, and […]

Installing H&R Wheel Spacers on a Nissan GT-R

A quick guide on how to install H&R wheel spacers on the Nissan GT-R.

35 things to check before buying a used car

Pre-sale research options, how best to look over the stationary vehicle, how to get the best from the test drive, as well as some useful post-sale information.
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