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Performance Air Filters: Explained

Why should I consider a performance air filter?

The air filter in your car's engine has the job of making sure that the air that reaches the combustion chambers is clean and free of dangerous debris that can damage the engine. Air is one of the critical components required for effective combustion and power generation in any engine. Substandard air filters can restrict the flow of air to the engine and discourage proper combustion leading to a loss of power. Replacing the standard air filter in your car with a performance air filter can provide an immediately noticeable improvement in power.

What types of performance air filters are available?

Air filters are relatively simple, they are manufactured from a dense material that will allow air to pass through with ease while restricting other larger particles from entering the engine. The material that the filter is made from will determine how effective it is at this job and how long it can be used before it will need replacement with a new filter. Some filters can be cleaned and re-used when they become dirty while others need to be replaced completely. Air filters made from cotton is the material of choice for most performance air filters since it provides excellent air filtering and can easily be cleaned and re-used. A good quality cotton air filter will last the lifetime of your vehicle and can be quite expensive to purchase. This cost is however offset by the fact that the filter doesn't need frequent replacement. Another good material for performance filters is synthetic fibres, this material is also great for keeping dirt and dust out. Synthetic materials can unfortunately not be re-used as easily as filters made from cotton and as a result, they are also priced significantly lower. You will need to clean the air filter in your car every 20 000 km to keep it performing optimally. If your vehicle is frequently used in dusty environments you may need to do maintenance on the air filter more often to keep the engine breathing with ease.

What else should I take into consideration when choosing a new air filter?

Before making a final decision on replacing your OEM air filter with a performance version it is important to carefully consider the amount of money you want to spend. A good quality performance filter can be an expensive investment, replacing your air filter doesn't always lead to huge increases in power and speed. A high-quality air filter will protect your vehicle from dust and debris and allow for good air circulation. If you demand absolute performance from your engine replacing the air filter may be a great idea. Replacing the filter is an easy and quick job that can be done by yourself if you have some mechanical knowledge and a few minutes to spare. If you want to breathe some new life into your car checking the air filter is a great place to start.





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