Universal Bushes & Bump Stops


Universal Bushes and Bump Stops

Universal bushes are essential car components designed to minimize friction in the vehicle’s moving parts. Typically made from rubber or polyurethane, these parts ensure smoother operation. Similarly, bump stops are vital for vehicle suspension. They prevent metal-on-metal contact under extreme compression, such as when driving over large bumps or deep potholes. However, these components can degrade over time, losing their effectiveness. Factors like prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, sustained compression, and chemical contacts accelerate their wear. When they reach the end of their life, replacing them is necessary to maintain vehicle performance.

Identifying Worn Suspension Cushioning Components

Determining when to replace bushes isn’t difficult. Signs include noticeable changes in handling, such as reduced smoothness in driving or braking. An inspection is crucial for assessing their condition. To inspect, you’ll need to elevate the vehicle using axle stands. Use a pry bar to test the bushes’ movement. Excessive movement indicates a need for replacement. Even if the bushes appear fine, they might be significantly worn and ineffective. Typically, suspension cushioning components last between 60,000 and 100,000 kilometers.

Replacing Suspension Cushioning Components

The cost of these components varies, ranging from £20 to £160, depending on the part and car model. Replacement is usually performed by mechanics after a thorough inspection.

Replacing Bushes in the Control Arm:

  • Elevate the car to free the wheels.
  • Remove the wheel on the affected side.
  • Detach the ball joint and control arm mounting bolt.
  • Replace the old bushing with the new one.
  • Reassemble the control arm and wheel, and conduct a test drive.

Replacing Stabiliser Bar Bushes:

  • Support the car on axle stands.
  • Remove and replace the stabiliser bar bushing mounts.
  • Reassemble the mount, lower the car, and test drive.

Replacing the Bump Stop:

  • Dismount the shock rod nut.
  • Secure the car on axle stands and disconnect the sway-bar end link.
  • Compress and release the spring to remove and replace the bump stop.
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