Brake Kits


About Brake Kits

Brake kits are a single payment option to upgrade brake discs and pads – sometimes calipers too (usually all items are sold separately in pairs). Most kits will include brake lines, brackets and fixings to complete the install. Some kits will be split between front and rear; others will contain all four.

Uprated Brake Discs

Intricate machining of grooves or drilled brake disc to create more surface area improves heat dissipation, reducing brake fade. Aftermarket brake discs constructed of alloy composites offer increased strength combined with weight saving benefits.

Uprated Brake Pads

Efficient aftermarket brake pad design reduces vibration and noise while increasing heat dissipation, reducing brake fade. Traditionally brake pads are made from a mix of materials, ceramic brakes offer better all-round performance than metallic counterparts, and are recommended for track use.

Uprated Brake Calipers

Upgraded calipers will efficiently deal with braking by-products dust and heat to raise performance and reduce brake fade. Cast from a stronger and lighter material; aluminium, alloy or ceramic will reduce overall component weight.

Uprated Brake Lines

Braided steel brake lines offer a more robust product, being impact resistant and tougher than stock, improving pedal feel.

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