Power Packages


Power Packages: Your One-Stop Solution for Performance Upgrades

At Compare.Parts, we understand the insatiable need for speed and power that drives every car enthusiast. That’s why we’ve curated an extensive range of complete performance upgrade packages, designed to satisfy even the most demanding of speed demons. Whether you’re a fan of the Jeremy Clarkson school of motoring or simply crave more power under the hood, our power packages are the perfect solution.

What’s Included in Our Power Packages?

Our power packages are comprehensive, all-in-one solutions that include everything you need to supercharge your vehicle’s performance. They include:

  • Single and Twin Turbo Upgrades: Boost your engine’s power output with our turbo upgrades, designed to increase horsepower and torque.
  • Supercharger Conversions: Transform your naturally aspirated engine into a high-performance powerhouse with our supercharger conversions.
  • Induction Kits: Improve your engine’s breathing with our induction kits, designed to increase airflow and enhance throttle response.
  • Uprated Intercoolers: Keep your engine cool and performing at its best with our uprated intercoolers, designed to improve cooling efficiency and prevent heat soak.
  • Advanced ECUs: Take control of your engine’s performance with our advanced ECUs, designed to optimize fuel delivery, ignition timing, and other critical engine functions.
  • Exhaust and Manifold Upgrades: Enhance your vehicle’s exhaust flow and sound with our exhaust and manifold upgrades, designed to reduce backpressure and improve performance.

Why Choose Our Power Packages?

Our power packages are pre-selected, off-the-shelf solutions that take the guesswork and logistical research out of the modification process. They’re designed to provide a balanced, comprehensive upgrade that enhances all aspects of your vehicle’s performance. Plus, they’re compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making them a versatile choice for any car enthusiast.

Don’t Forget About Stopping Power

While our power packages are designed to boost your vehicle’s speed and power, it’s equally important to ensure your vehicle can stop effectively. That’s why we recommend pairing our power packages with one of our big brake kits. These kits provide the additional stopping power you need to keep your high-performance vehicle safe and under control.

Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Performance Today

Whether you’re looking to transform your daily driver into a track-ready beast or simply want to squeeze a few extra horsepower out of your engine, our power packages are the perfect solution. Explore our range today and discover the difference a comprehensive performance upgrade can make.

Experience the Compare.Parts Difference

At Compare.Parts, we’re passionate about helping car enthusiasts achieve their performance goals. Our power packages are just one of the many ways we do this. With our extensive range, expert advice, and competitive prices, we’re your one-stop shop for all your performance car part needs. Experience the Compare.Parts difference today.

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