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Our aim is to help our community of car enthusiasts and motorsport teams by providing a single place to find aftermarket products. If you would like to be removed from our website, please contact us and we will comply. If you do request to be removed off the site, you will forfeit the ability to list your products on in the future.

We’re constantly adding new cars and new parts. We’re sorry if you can’t find your car, but drop us a message and we will add it to the list of cars to add

Trick question – neither, we are big fans of the RB’s.

Scroll to the bottom of the specific product page you’d like to review and enter your name, email address and your comments, then click “submit”. It will be sent for approval, just to make sure you haven’t used any inappropriate language. Once approved, your review will appear on the product page. Your email address will not appear on the website.

We frequently scan dealer websites for information. This will happen more often as the website becomes more established. If you do see a price that is out of date, please contact us with further information and we will update the listing.

Compare.Parts is a participant in multiple affiliate advertising programs. These programs are designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to publisher websites such as Demon Tweeks. We earn a tiny percentage of the money you spend when you click through to a product and make a purchase. It doesn’t affect your purchase price and helps support our running costs.

Only some of the products are monetised on Compare.Parts. Our priority is not making money (sorry investors) its providing a good experience for our users! 

We use several tracking methodologies on the website. None of the tracking we use is malicious, its mainly used to understand by marketing and development to improve the site. For example we found a lot of traffic from the United States, this lead us to adding currency conversion on the site.
Just to explain the different tracking tools and what they do:

  • Analytics – this gives our team information on user behavior on our website. It’s anonymized by Google and very common practice on websites.
  • Internal tracking – we monitor which products are viewed often, this helps us identify what products are popular so we can focus more on that section of the site.
  • Exit Clicks – we monitor clicks to retailers. Some retailers want to know how many times their products are clicked, this enables us to give them reports on which of their products is popular. We track time and date so we can organise our reports by time/date. The other reason we do this is to track fraudulent clicks/malicious behavior. There are a lot of bored hackers and instead of playing Fortnite they waste our time and resources by creating scripts/bots to click through our site.