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Vogtland is a renowned brand in the automotive industry, specializing in the production of high-performance car parts. With a rich history dating back to over 110 years, Vogtland has established itself as a trusted name for car enthusiasts and professionals alike. The brand is particularly recognized for its premium quality suspension components, including springs, coilovers, and sport suspension kits.

Based in Hagen, Germany, Vogtland combines traditional German engineering with innovative design and technology to deliver products that enhance vehicle performance and driving experience. The brand is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and rigorous testing methods to ensure that every product meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Vogtland's product range caters to a wide variety of car makes and models, offering tailored solutions for both street and track use. Whether you're looking to improve your car's handling, reduce body roll, or achieve a sporty, lowered stance, Vogtland has the perfect solution for your needs.





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