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Cameras and accessories

Cameras and accessories made specifically for your cars or motorbikes are becoming increasingly popular and can be used as a normal 'dash cam' or for the more adventurous types a way to document your journey. They are generally designed to be mounted onto the windscreen of your car to record footage while you are driving or can be strapped onto your bike, helmet or chest if you are driving a motorbike. They have wide angled lenses to ensure they can capture the full range of view so that you can use the footage for whatever reason you need it whether that is to provide evidence in case of an accident or to simply record a road trip.

Different types of cameras and accessories:

There are many brands and types of cameras to choose from when buying a camera and the associated accessories for your journeys. However, two of the best and most popular are the Go Pro Cameras and the AIM camera.There are many Go Pro Cameras to choose from but the Go Pro Hero 6 is an excellent model. It captures 4K video with no jumps and can also take high quality single shot photos. With the easy Quikstories function the photos or footage are shared straight to your phone removing the need to download the footage onto a computer. Another benefit of choosing one of the Go Pro Cameras is that it will be multi functional. You can use your camera for a multitude of activities, whether high impact sports on land or under water is your thing or you'd rather have a leisurely stroll, a Go Pro is an excellent choice. You can buy a range of casings, straps and mountings for it making it incredibly versatile and able to do anything that you would want a camera to do. This camera will cost around £379.Alternatively you might choose the AIM camera which was designed specifically for motor sports. Not only does it record in full 1280p HD video it also conveniently displays lots of technical information that will help you to improve your performance on the go. One of the best functions of this camera is the intelligent control which means that it will automatically start and stop recording meaning that you do not have to worry about starting and stopping which will make sure that you will never accidentally forget to record again. One benefit this camera has over most other action cameras is that it is built using a specially designed lens either 67 degrees or 84 degrees, these special lenses make curves in the road clear where typical action cameras will flatten these out making it difficult to anticipate the road. In order to withstand severe and constant vibrations, the camera is made from machine moulded aluminium just like many performance car parts.

How can cameras and accessories improve your car?

You can use cameras and accessories for your cars as a 'dash cam' to record the journey which can the be used for insurance purposes or to merely capture beautiful scenery. Alternatively, if you are into motorsports one of the action cameras described above will let you record amazing footage. These cameras are specifically designed to ensure that film does not jump while also producing high quality footage. Some of the action cameras will also give you information about your performance so that you can respond and make changes as you go. Additionally, some of the cameras are designed with special lenses ensuring that you understand the road in front of you better which means that you will be more prepared and therefore safer as you drive. Cameras and the associated accessories will really add another dimension to your journey or sport and allow you to playback and enjoy reliving the experience.





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