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Interior vehicle styling can enhance the cockpit making the journey more enjoyable for all occupants. From safety to practicality to aesthetics, there are many aftermarket products to add that personal touch to your vehicle interior. Interior panels can be replaced, painted, wrapped, dipped or flocked to update the appearance. For competition cars anything non-essential is often stripped out for weight saving. For those who want a street vehicle with potential for track time, replacement carbon fibre paneling can drastically shave weight from your vehicle (as well as your wallet!). Whatever your current build is being re-purposed for, Compare.Parts has you covered;

  • Seats, sub-frames and rails to aid occupant comfort
  • Roll cages to add structural rigidity and enhance safety
  • Steering wheels and quick release bosses
  • Aftermarket gear knobs for a nicer shift feel
  • Short shifters for tighter gear control
  • Hydraulic handbrake for quick and easy application for drifting and other motorsport disciplines
  • Foot rests and mats to aid comfort and appearance
  • Uprated audio equipment (head unit, speakers, amplifier and wiring)
  • Door cards to simplify and shave weight
  • In-car entertainment for those long, arduous journeys
  • Interior car care products to maintain standards
  • Gauges and pods to monitor various engine components





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