Silicone Hoses & Accessories


Silicone Hoses: Explained

Silicone hoses and accessories often make useful additions to your vehicle’s engine. They can be used to improve performance in a number of ways, helping your engine work more efficiently. How can silicone accessories and hoses improve your car? Here, we’ll try our best to answer that question for you, and hopefully provide you with some useful general information about the different types of silicone accessories that are available here at

Why Are Silicone Accessories Better?

The main reason that silicone is used as a material in engine components such as hoses is that it adds a significant amount of resilience. Rubber parts and accessories, especially hoses, can harden, split or rot, reducing their lifespan and effectiveness. Silicone, in contrast, last longer and maintain their flexibility over their lifespan.Their lifespan is also longer than rubber components. In many cases, a silicone hose might well outlive your car. This makes them much more cost efficient than rubber hoses. Even though you might have to pay more for a silicone hose, its lengthy lifespan means that you save money in the end.

Temperature, Noise and Vibration Control

Silicone accessories and hoses also work to better control the temperature in your vehicle’s engine. Silicone hoses do not expand in the same way as rubber hoses when they get warm. Silicone hoses can carry fluid at much higher temperatures than their rubber equivalents. If you have a turbo-charged engine or a racing vehicle, silicone really is the way to go.

Silicone accessories can also work to limit noise and vibration in your engine. Friction between rubber and the mating surface can lead to noise in your engine. Using silicone makes your engine sound slicker and smoother.

Silicone accessories and hoses can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your engine, especially if you like to show off your engine bay. Silicone accessories area available in blue and red, colours which provide you engine with a touch of additional vibrancy when it comes to how it looks. Of course, if you prefer something more sober in tone, silicone accessories are also available in black.

What Are the Different Types of Silicone Accessories?

You can find silicone used in several different engine components, with the most common of these being hoses. Silicone components of this time come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending upon their use. You can choose from a vast range of products, with options to base your choice on how the component will look as well as how it will function. Silicone is a material which both looks better and improves function when it comes to the hoses that you can use in your engine. Couplers are also often made from silicone, and they also function better and look more aesthetically appealing then their rubber counterparts.

What Silicone Accessories Should I Choose?

When it comes to selecting the right silicone accessories for your engine, we have a great range of items on sale here. You can choose what you need from our range of hoses, couplers and hose elbows of different sizes and angles. You can also choose from top brands such as Samco and Mishimoto. Silicone accessories can make a real difference to your engine’s performance, but it is still vital that you get expert advice about the right accessories for your vehicle. If in doubt, always speak to the retailer, the car manufacturer or your community of car enthusiasts to get your questions answered by people with practical experience of using silicone accessories.

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