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Founded in 1897 by Herbert Frood, Ferodo is a world-renowned British brand that specializes in high-performance brake systems. The brand is recognized for its pioneering role in the development of friction products in the automobile industry. Ferodo has a rich history of innovation, being the first company to use asbestos for brake linings and introducing the use of disc brake pads in the UK.

Today, Ferodo is a part of the Federal-Mogul Corporation and continues to be a leading name in braking technology worldwide. The brand is synonymous with excellence and performance, offering a wide range of products including brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, and hydraulic parts. Ferodo products are designed for a variety of vehicles, from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to racing cars and motorcycles.

With a commitment to safety, quality, and performance, Ferodo is the preferred choice for drivers and automotive professionals who demand the best. Whether it's for everyday driving, heavy-duty applications, or high-speed racing, Ferodo delivers reliable, superior braking solutions.





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