Fasteners & Hose Clips


Why Do I need Car Fasteners and Hose Clips?

These might not be the most glamorous of parts, but they are essential to any major project or just for keeping things tidy under the bonnet. Often needed when replacing or modding parts or working on bodywork, it can also be worth upgrading standard clips and fixings with better-quality parts to improve reliability or performance. Sometimes the right part from this category can make the difference between a successful modification and wasted hours in the workshop.

What are they? Here you will find all the small parts to connect, attach and secure components or panels to each other and to the vehicle. In this section there are wiring clips and hose clips, temporary clamps to use while working on a modification, and a large range of captive nuts, clips, latches, rivets and quick release bolts. There are all the springs, and retainers you might need as well. Finally, there are accessories like clamp pliers and drill bits to allow for easy installation of these products.

Different types:

Here are a few of the product types you will find in this section of the website.

Hose Clips

There are a wide range of specialist hose clips for securing all types of hoses. High-performance clips reduce the chance of hose blow-off in high-pressure applications. Self-adjusting fuel pipe clips compensate for discrepancies in hose diameter. Ducting clips avoid overtightening on wire helix type ducting hoses. There is also a range of stainless steel worm-drive clips.


With all the wiring looms, fuel lines, air hoses, hydraulics and cooling systems found in any car it is easy for things to get messy. Rubber lined steel P-Clips are a simple, effective way to secure wiring and hoses to a panel to keep everything tidy. They can be installed using rivets or self-tapping screws and are available in zinc-plated or stainless steel.

Quick release

Originally invented for aircraft cowlings, Dzus or turnlock fasteners are used to secure bonnets, motorcycle fairings and other panels. The over-centre design prevents loosening through vibration, and the quarter-turn operation makes them easy to release. We stock both slot-head and D-ring studs along with clip-on or rivet-on receptacles. Ejecting Dzus fasteners have a stud which pops up when released. This makes it easier to remove panels in curved or contoured surfaces. More importantly, it clearly signals that the stud is unlocked making it obvious if a panel is not properly fastened. For those with race cars or bikes, or anybody else looking to shave off some weight, there are aluminium equivalents which are 50 per cent lighter. There is also a range of quick release latches for easily removable external or internal panels.

Reusable Cleco Clamps

These clamps are used to hold parts in place prior to riveting. They come in a range of sizes to fit drilled rivet holes. Both straight and side clamps are available. Placing these in the rivet holes to attach parts prior to riveting means that they can be easily assembled, aligned and disassembled before the final assembly. This section is the place to find the rivets you will need to finish the job too.

How they can improve a car

For securing hoses and other components, attaching removable panels, tidying wiring or making projects and maintenance easier, the small parts in this section make all the difference. On the surface, removable bodywork panels or bike fairings give easy access to the important stuff underneath. Quick release fasteners make it quicker and easier to get the panels off. And if they are installed well they look good too. Beneath the surface, well-secured hoses and wiring make for a tidy looking engine, but they also make sure the engine can do its job properly. Finally, the clamps and rivets found here make fabrication and assembly of parts a breeze. Keeping everything secured and aligned before riveting will save time and effort in bringing your projects to completion.

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