2024 Fresh Start

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I launched CP a few years ago with the mission to provide the most comprehensive search engine for performance car parts on the planet. That was a big dream and with help from some good friends we built Compare.Parts. We ended up with 40k+ products on the website from shops around the world. But, and its a big but, like our cars, it wasn't good enough. I quickly found that keeping all these products up to date was a very difficult task, and not to mention the site was slow.

So I went back to the drawing board, looked at what I had achieved so far and what the problems were with the old site and decided to make some big changes.

Meanwhile... I'm a dad

CP was never purely about making Lambo money, it was about building something for the car enthusiasts, so with two kids, and lack of sleep, no free time, I didn't have as much time to work on the site outside of my day job at bravr.com. If you have kids, you'll understand, if you don't, you will 😉 Now they are a bit more grown up, I have more free time to dedicate to working on CP, big shout out to Reema (my better half) for being chill with me working till early morning pretty much every night.

Back to business... Compare.Parts is evolving

Even with 40k+ products on the site, it's just a drop in the ocean.  So we had to go back to the drawing board and our aim was to build a platform that could support 1 million products. In BHP terms that's blowing the dyno up with four figures. Using newer tech that's available now, we can support way more products than we ever could before.

Our aim is to evolve the site into a car parts marketplace, where you can upload parts you want to sell. So as an individual car enthusiast or a shop you can list your parts on our platform and reach a global audience of car enthusiasts.

A word about Facebook Marketplace

Generally I see a lot of car parts sold in Facebook groups + Facebook marketplace, with that comes a lot of scams. These huge social media platforms do SFA about scams, I've given up reporting them because they just stay there. How many times have you seen a car parts being sold so cheaply, only to see the person registered last Tuesday, has four friends, and listing all these parts 50% cheaper than what they should be. Red flags everywhere!

I'm fed up of reading stories where good people have been scammed by con artists on these platforms.

So what's coming... 

Alpha Release - Q1 2024

This version completely replaces the old site, and our first step operating on the new technology.

  • 300k products via our partners
  • User registration is invite only
  • Selling is disabled

Beta Release - Q2 of 2024

This is our first step towards becoming a marketplace.

  • 500k products via partners (maybe more!?)
  • User registration is open
  • Selling is invitation only

Full Release

  • 1m products
  • User registration is open
  • Selling is open
Shahin Fard

Written by Shahin Fard

Shah is the founder of Compare.Parts, he has been a car enthusiast since he can walk and enjoys building performance orientated cars. Shah currently owns an 660bhp R35 GT-R, 950BHP R33 Skyline GTR and a HKS inspired RB26 powered Altezza.

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Founded by Shahin Fard and brought to life with the help of amazing friends, Compare.Parts is more than a marketplace. It's a community where car enthusiasts come together to find, buy, and sell performance car parts.
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