Exterior vehicle styling is a mode to differentiate and break away from the uniform stock visual aesthetics vehicles looked like the day they rolled off production lines. With the wide variety of aftermarket design items now available, customising visuals to the owner’s palate can elevate that bond between owner and vehicle. From subtle, discreet changes like debadging all make and model emblems from your vehicle – all the way up to installing extreme, wide-arch body kits – Compare.Parts has you covered;

  • Lighting and bulbs to draw your focus to the path ahead
  • Body kits to better accentuate your vehicles curves
  • Grilles and meshes to distinguish inlets
  • Rear spoilers to generate that high-speed aero
  • Quick release bonnet pins for those whom require quick access to the engine bay
  • Window tinting can be functional or aesthetic
  • Wing mirrors can make the car lines sleeker
  • Wiper blades to improve visibility in poor weather
  • Paintwork materials and preparation to lay the groundwork
  • Paintwork car care to maintain the impact of fresh paintwork
  • Under-sealing and rust treatment to look after the undercarriage
  • Towing hook for track focused vehicles
  • Fuel filler caps can better suit the lines of your vehicle
  • Number plate housing can be amended but must stay inside the minimum legal dimensions
  • Antenna aerials can improve radio connection
Founded by Shahin Fard and brought to life with the help of amazing friends, Compare.Parts is more than a marketplace. It's a community where car enthusiasts come together to find, buy, and sell performance car parts.
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