Pedal Box & Balance Bars


Pedal Box Assemblies: Explained

A pedal box is a part that fixes the pedals in position and gives the driver more control over the type of driving they want to do. There are typically three levels or ratios of responsiveness on the assembly which typically covers any driving types or styles. The assembly will greatly improve responsiveness and reduce the delay between pushing the pedal and the engine responding. The torque does remain the same but it certainly makes the driver feel that they are accelerating faster. Overall, the extra control makes driving a lot more fun and makes the driver feel that they have much more control and they therefore feel safer too.

What are Balance Bars?

A balance bar is a component which is attached to the pedal box. When you are racing and you need to brake hard, particularly under poor weather conditions, it is preferable to have the front wheels to stop a little slower than the back as it can cause your vehicle to spin. To avoid this, the balance bar lets you control the balance of braking force. It is essential that your calipers are calibrated perfectly so that you can control the brake as much as possible. The balance bar absorbs the force of the push on the pedal and redistributes it to the rear and master cylinders. You can then easily direct braking force to your desired cylinder which gives you greater control of how the vehicle slows down by adjusting the position of the bar. This can be used alongside a brake bias adjuster which allows you to change the position on the bar and therefore the brake force distribution easily and while you are driving.

Different types of Pedal Boxes and Balance Bars:

There are floor mount, underslung and top mount assemblies, designed to suit your particular vehicle. The floor mounted assemblies feature the 3 different ratios of responsiveness which allow for either sharp or progressive clutch control and braking force. The pedals generally include roller ball bearings on the pedal pivots which makes for a much smoother experience. The underslung and top mounted assemblies are used where modification is not desirable. They mount the master cylinders to the back of the box. This provides the usual range at a high quality but can be used where it is necessary to mount like this.

There are several types of bars available in different materials including steel and alloy. They can be bought with a steel cross tube which allows it to be welded into position onto the pedal assembly. There is also space on the bar to allow for a remote cable adjuster to be welded on which will allow drivers to adjust the braking balance on the fly, giving more control and greater safety with every brake.

What Pedal Assemblies and Bars add to your vehicle:

Pedal boxes help a vehicle to achieve a better balance and give the driver more control. It allows for more gradients of control which lets the driver brake lightly as well as giving great autonomy under heavy breaking, especially in poor weather conditions. Ultimately, a pedal assembly can improve lap timings as well as driver safety.

The balance bar gives the driver the ability to decide how the vehicle comes to a stop. This can be used to avoid undesirable outcomes such as spinning or turning. By adjusting the position of the bar, the driver can direct force to the rear cylinders ensuring that there is a greater braking force at the back than the front which allows the vehicle to stop without spinning.

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