Throttle Body & Engine Management Kits


Throttle Body and Engine Management Kits

How Throttle Body and Engine Management Kits Can Improve a Car

A Throttle Body consists of tubes that house the valves found between your engine’s intake manifold and air filter. Its primary task is to control the amount of air entering a fuel injected engine. This is different in an electronically fueled car where an air flow sensor and a throttle position sensor communicates with the computer. In return, the computer supplies the fuel needed at the injectors. An Engine Management System, on the other hand, is a system that regulates actuators on an internal combustion engine so as to promote optimal engine performance. It is probably the smartest component of the modern vehicle. The main role of the engine management system is to control the amount of fuel and air entering the engine in order to ensure correct ratios of the two elements. That way, the vehicle will run efficiently.

The main and most important part of the engine management system is the engine control unit (ECU). This part receives data from the many sensors in the engine, meaning it processes all important information about the engine. The data includes the temperature and speed of the intake air. With this data, the ECU is able to perform many calculations in order to determine how each sensor should respond in order to ensure optimum engine performance.

The sensors that feed data to the ECU include:

  • Oxygen sensor
  • Coolant temperature sensor
  • Mass air flow sensor
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Manifold absolute temperature sensor
  • Knock sensor
  • Crankshaft sensor
  • Camshaft sensor
  • ABS sensor
  • Oil pressure switch
  • DPF sensor

Importance of the Throttle and Engine Management System

Looking at the functions of both these systems, it is clear that they both play very essential roles in the performance of a motor vehicle. So how exactly can the throttle bodies and the engine management kit lead to an improved car?

The Engine Management Kit

The engine management kit is basically the operating system of an engine. These kits help to ensure that your vehicle’s engine runs efficiently, and this reduces your car’s emissions. An engine management system also improves the fuel economy of your car by controlling the air to fuel ratio in the engine. It is the engine management systems which regulate and determine the amount of fuel that will be injected into the engine based on several sensor reading.

Oxygen sensors in your car inform the engine management system whether the engine itself is running rich (too little oxygen or too much fuel) or running lean (too little fuel or too much oxygen). Throttle frame, on the other hand, improves your car’s airflow. This makes your car more powerful. The reason behind this is that the presence of more air in your car’s engine allows more fuel to be burned, and this is the source of the car’s power.

What is a Throttle Body

Throttle bodies improves your car’s throttle response. Throttle response, which is also referred to as the vehicle’s responsiveness, is usually a measure of how fast your vehicle’s prime mover can increase its power output in response to acceleration. So, how does this important part of your car’s air intake system improve your car’s throttle response?

A throttle shaft is simply a valve and a majority of automakers usually measure airflow at peak rpm. This means that if, for instance, you select a throttle frame diameter that will ensure 50 per cent throttle produces 50 per cent airflow. This will help to increase your car’s smooth drivability since it will be producing a more gradual response. This is because the valves on a throttle bodies are designed to open relatively wider at low rpm’s which causes power to be created with less delay.

A throttle shaft also makes your car to have a better fuel economy while engine management system help to control your car engine’s idle speed which is very important. If your car’s engine idle speed goes too low, it can result in extremely low oil pressure when the engine is hot. This makes your car wear faster and is a risk of possible convulsion. It is important to ensure that the idle speed of your car’s engine is right to avoid these setbacks which can turn out to be very costly.

Last, engine management kits control variable valve timing. This means that ECU regulates the time at which the valve opens in an engine cycle and this also makes your car have a better fuel economy.

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