Wheel & Tyre Accessories


Wheel and Tyre Accessories

There are many different types of wheel and tyre accessories, and each of them has a specific and unique purpose. Here are some of these accessories:

Wheel braceBraces help in loosening bolts. This tool is crucial in changing car tyres.


Sockets can be used in the place of braces. The socket will need to be appropriately sized in order to successfully loosen the bolts. Also, it must have a long handle.

BoltsBolts mount the wheel on vehicles. They are commonly used in Europe. North American vehicles are mostly developed to work with studs. Bolts are generally cheaper to set-up since you only need two parts: the threaded hub and the bolt.

RegrooversThese are specialist tools that are used to cut the tyre to restore tread depth. With these tools, you can restore up to 25% of tread depth. Regrooving can help increase the life of your tyre significantly. You will be able to gain 30% extra mileage after this practice. For the best results, regrooving should strictly be done by a skilled technician. Also, the results will be affected by the quality of your tyre.

Tyre scrapersThese tools are used to clean all types of tyres in a fast and efficient way. Using unsuitable cleaning equipment will end up damaging your tyre, so you should consider removing debris with this tool.

Tyre casesThese cases protect your tyre from damage when stored in the garage. Also, they prevent your tyre from damaging the interior of your car when it is stored in your boot. These cases are especially important to owners of motorsport cars.

Tyre jacketsThese jackets are fitted over your tyre to keep it clean and in good condition. They can be easily fit and removed from your tyre. These jackets come in different sizes, so be sure to pick one that can fit your tyre.

Spare wheel supportThis tool is used to secure your spare wheel so that you can keep it in close reach for emergencies. At the same time, it keeps the wheel out of the way so that you can use your car normally.

Regroover bladesThese are used to cut your tyre in the regrooving process.

Wheel holderThese tools secure your spare wheels. They are lightweight and have a sturdy construction. They are developed with clamps to secure the wheel, so you should be able to quickly access the wheel even in the dark.

Roadside puncture kitThese kits are essential to people who don’t have sufficient space for the storage of spare wheels. They usually contain slime tyre sealants to plug punctures. Also, you will get an air compressor to inflate the tyre. It is important to note that the slime tyre sealant will only work for punctures of up to 6mm in diameter. Once fixed, the sealant will plug any subsequent punctures for about two more years. That being said, if you ever get a new puncture on the same spot, you should get it permanently fixed.

Tyre warmersThis digital equipment is meant to get your tyre to a working temperature at the start line. Each tyre can be warmed to its own temperature.

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