Car Care


What is Car Care?

Car care comes in various shapes and forms with varying products and accessories used to keep your car pristine, while also protecting the paint to your pride and joy. Products can be used to make sure your car looks new, even years after you’ve purchased it if you do it regularly.

Different Types of Car Care

Car care involves two types of procedures including washing and detailing. Washing involves eliminating dirt and grime, while detailing is all about going the extra mile to protect the paintwork and make it look amazing.


A Bucket and sponge with fairy up just doesn’t cut it, to get the showroom look your car requires the use of specialized products and tools to ensure efficient cleaning and avoid any damage to the paint finish. You should use applicators such as natural and dense sponges and gentle fibre mitts to apply any products to the car’s exterior to prevent scratching the paintwork. The wheels and tires should be washed first because usually, they’re the dirtiest. Also, you’ll avoid any dirt splashing on an already clean part of your car. You should use a portable high-pressure washer to remove the toughest dirt build-up around your car’s wheels. Washer equipment comes with a wide range of features, including adjustable jet nozzles or different water pressure levels, which will aid the washing process. Use clean water and specialized detergents to eliminate dirt and contaminants. Special car detergents and liquids are safe to use on your car’s paint and different other surfaces such as metal, plastic, and glass. After washing your car, you should start the detailing process.


Now that your car is clean, you’ll easily be able to identify any scratches or oxidation of the paint, any tree sap or other substances, which couldn’t be removed by using water and special car shampoos. You should use a clay bar and special lubricant to remove any contaminants off the surface of your car and restore its smoothness. The clay contains abrasive particles that act on any raised areas. The lubricants you should be using with the clay ensure that the clay slides over the paint while eliminating anything that sits on top of the paint, like bugs, tree sap and other stubborn spots. You can resolve scratches, swirls and any other minor damages to the paintwork by using top-quality paint cleaners and car polishes, which usually require several applications. Car polish contains particles that makes it slightly abrasive, so it acts like a buffer, helping to smooth the paint finish and reduce scratches, which it does by eliminating a very fine layer of paint. Polishes have various conditioning oils and other properties that improve the depth and reflection of the paint’s colour. They’re a pre-waxing seal which prepares the paint for car wax. So, once you’ve used a car polish, you then must wax your car to protect the paint job. By using car wax, you add a layer of protection to your car against damaging factors such as UV rays, acid rain, dirt, tar and sand. Through waxing, you’ll maintain your car’s great appearance, while reducing the risk of scratches or paint chipping and protecting it from contaminants. By applying wax to the surface of the vehicle, you create a film over the surface of the paint that can protect it from oxidation. It also decreases any friction between the paintwork and debris, which will simply slide off. To guarantee the best results and maintain increased protection for your car, you should have it waxed about 4 times a year. However, to check if your vehicle needs waxing, you can perform a few tests including the touch test or the water test. To perform the touch test you should run your hand along the surface of your car and if you feel any roughness, then it’s time for car waxing. To perform the water test you should pour water on the surface of your car. If the water collects in tight beads, then you don’t need to wax it yet. If the water forms a sheet and doesn’t bead, then it’s time for you to have your car re-waxed.

How Can Car Care Improve Your Car?

Regular car care will keep your car looking like new, which will maintain its resale value. It will also protect the paint from oxidation, as well as the negative effects of various contaminants like bird droppings, tree sap, bugs and more. It will also protect the paint job from the wear-and-tear caused by the elements. So, if you want to keep your car looking amazing and maintain its resale value by protecting its paintwork, then you have to regularly conduct car care.

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