Car Lighting

Exterior car lighting is not only an essential accessory but also a legal requirement. Visibility on the roads is of utmost importance when safety is concerned. No matter the time of day, a driver should be able to clearly see what’s ahead, and nearby road users should be able to spot him/her easily. This is achievable only if the driver’s exterior lights are effective. Poor visibility accounts for the majority of car accidents. Apart from improving visibility, lights also play an aesthetic role. One can improve a car’s look by installing custom lights. There are different types of lights, and as a driver, you should be able to identify them and their functions.

Car Indicators

They are also referred to as signal lights or blinkers and are located next to the sides of the headlights and taillights. They play a crucial role of visual communication. They primarily inform other road users that you are about to slow down and make a turn. In the rare cases of an emergency or car problem, they are used as hazard lights. This is done by flashing the left and the right indicators simultaneously.

Car Headlights

The main purpose of these lights is to maintain or increase long-range road vision in poor light conditions. They also inform other road users that you are approaching. There are two types of headlamps, and they are the high beam and the low beam headlamps. The low beam headlamps produce a dim light that is enough to brighten up the road without affecting the visibility of oncoming drivers. The high beam headlamps produce an intense and bright light, and they enable the driver to see further and have a wider field of view. However, the use of high beam headlamps should be controlled since the intense amount of light may affect the sight of other drivers. Daytime running lights are fixed next to headlamps, and they help make your car more visible during the day or in foggy conditions. They are always on and light up as soon as the engine is fired up.

Car Taillights

The taillamps main function is to notify drivers behind you that there is a car ahead and enable them to gauge the distance in-between. The standard colour for rear lights is red as the colour is easy to identify. They usually engage in unison with headlamps. Brake lights are usually mounted right next to the taillamps. Brake lights are usually brighter, and they are used to signify that you are slowing down or intend to stop.

Car Fog Lights

These lights are usually setup beneath the headlamps, especially near the bumper. As the name suggests, their purpose is to increase short range visibility when sight has been heavily compromised by conditions such as fog and heavy snow. They go a long way in avoiding accidents in such conditions.

How to Know When to Replace Car Light Bulbs

What car owners ought to keep in mind is the fact that lights are subject to the principle of wear and tear. They need to regularly check and replace their lighting bulbs. For example, in the case of taillamps and brake lights, both are vital and are often under one casing. A fault may arise and the taillamps work as usual but one brake lamp isn’t. When this occurs, sometimes it may be hard for the car owner to know that there is a problem, which begs the need to be extra vigilant. If bulbs burn out at the most needed moments such as night time, the results may be devastating.

There are various signs that ought to raise a red flag. The first sign is dimming. When either of your lights starts dimming, it may be a sign of excess dust or a fault. If dust is not the cause of the problem, then be sure that a blackout is coming soon. Another sign is when one bulb burns out. Similar lamp bulbs are usually used on each side, so if left taillight suddenly goes off consider replacing the right one too. This may be a sign that there may be a problem or limitation with that type or brand of bulb. It is worth noting that if several bulbs stop working at once may not necessarily be bulbs burning out. This may be a sign of a technical fault in the wiring or electrical components.

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