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Powerflex is a leading manufacturer of high-performance polyurethane suspension bushes and components, renowned for their quality, performance, and durability. Established in the United Kingdom, Powerflex has been delivering innovative solutions to automotive enthusiasts and professionals worldwide for over two decades.

Powerflex products are designed to improve a vehicle's performance, safety, and longevity. Their range includes everything from suspension bushes, engine mounts, and chassis parts, all designed to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving and racing. Powerflex parts are known for their exceptional resistance to abrasion, temperature, and chemicals, making them a preferred choice for both road and track use.

With a commitment to continuous research and development, Powerflex is at the forefront of automotive technology, ensuring their products deliver the ultimate in performance and reliability. Whether you're upgrading your daily driver or preparing a car for the track, Powerflex offers the quality and performance you need.





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