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Switch accessories: Explained

For your car switches to work efficiently, you need to buy switch add-ons. If you are searching for high-quality switch hardware, Compare Parts is the place to be. We have a wide range of switch fitments that will ensure smooth performance. There are many different types of switches and they mostly need different fitments to work. Whether it is for toggle switches, rotary, pushbutton, or selector switches, fitments are a necessity. With the right add-ons for your switch, you can be sure that your car parts will operate smoothly. Proper accessories will facilitate speed, pressure, and temperature. From hand switches that require human touch to limit switches which need machines in motion.

What are the different types of car switch accessories?

  • Dash Board Marker Badges – Use badges to label the various switches in your car. Different badges are available including lights, fuel pump, On and Off, power, pull fire, radiator fan, radio, rain light, starter, wipers among others.
  • Dash Sticker Sheet – It offers a trim and efficient solution when identifying auxiliary cockpit switches and warning lights. Ensure a perfect finish with a clear backing of white symbols. The sticker comes with more than 140 symbols, thus offering a variety of options for particular switches.
  • The horizontal on/off switch palate will fit any standard toggle switch.
  • The switch hex nut is delivered with Longacre’s toggle switches. They will definitely fit any switch with an average threaded mount.
  • A switch locking ring is built to halt any unwanted rotation of their toggle switches. They will perfectly fit any average diameter toggle switch and keyway.
  • The two-hole switch mount panels allow matching and mounting of various combinations of switches and indicator lamps. It easily fits with any 12mm round rocker, indicator lamp and toggle.
  • A three-hole switch mount panel can be easily used with no tools. It is also suitable with any 12mm round rocker, indicator lamps and toggle.
  • Flip up switch guards are effective in preventing accidental tripping in heavy duty on/off metal toggle switches. They come in a wide range of colours so you can colour-coordinate your switches.
  • Single-hole plastic switch mount panels are good for matching and scaling of various combinations of indicator lamps and switches.
  • The waterproof switch cover is a rubber boot fit for 25amp toggle switches. The internal thread bolts onto your switches to ensure the cover remains in place.
  • Replacement flip safety covers are ideal for the Longacre heavy duty 20 amperes ignition switch.
  • A switch panel mounting bracket is necessary for quick mounting of switch panels. The brackets brace to tubing and are scaled to tubing and are mounted to fix the different widths of a Longacre switch panel. There are two options for particular tubing: 11/2 and 13/4 diameter.
  • A toggle switch boot is an essential silicone rubber cover for a 40 amp ignition switch.
  • The intelligent indicator is meant to remove the complexities that come with an indicator wiring system. It can either be integrated with other systems or operate as a stand-alone apparatus.

How will switch accessories improve your ride?

There is no point in having quality switches for your car if you lack proper accessories. Electrical switches are essential for your car. For instance, the kill switch keeps your car from being stolen. Using quality mounters and switch wires ensures your car remains safe. Driving lights make driving at night easier and safer. Another example is the car cooling fan. To avoid getting annoyed with a fan that goes on and off, all add-ons including the electrical tape, wire clippers and the heavy duty switch must be of high quality. Are you looking for efficient switch extras? Please contact our friendly support team for assistance and guidance on the best products for your car.

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