Tail Trims Universal Exhaust Tips


Tail Trims Universal Exhaust Parts

Aftermarket tail trim universal exhaust parts are designed to replace your car’s factory-fitted tail trim parts for reasons including sound and appearance. Car enthusiasts usually make these upgrades for aesthetic purposes as the functionalities of tail trim exhaust parts are limited and don’t influence the performance of your vehicle very much.

How Do Exhaust Systems Work?

A car’s exhaust system should transport the gas emissions produced by the engine away from the interior cabin, filter out the exhaust gas of any pollutants and reduce the sound of the engine. Exhaust systems use catalytic converters to decrease the amount of pollutants released by vehicles through a special process which forces toxic gas to burn itself off. Mufflers are an integrating part of your car’s exhaust system and help reduce the sound of the engine. Most exhaust systems include a 12/24″ muffler which decreases the sound waves produced by the engine to guarantee a silent exhaust. Mufflers use two methods to reduce noise including sound absorption and sound cancellation.

Types of Tail Trim Universal Exhaust Parts

Exhaust tail trims don’t have much effect over the engine’s performance level. However, an oversized exhaust tip may improve the performance of a rear-engine car which has a short exhaust system. Turn-down exhaust tips are designed to redirect downwards any sound and hot gas and may have a slight impact over the performance of the engine. Turn-down exhaust tips are usually preferred by truck owners to prevent any damage to the trailer.

Benefits of Tail Trim Parts

The performance of tailpipes and tips typically refers to improving the sound of your engine and the overall appearance of your car.

Improving the sound of the engine

A customized exhaust trim adjusts the sound of your engine much better than factory installed systems Because they’re manufactured with strong and durable materials the tail trims can add a deep and strong sound to your engine. Sound is better projected by long tips and becomes hollow with larger tips. They add great detailing and appeal to the sound of your engine.

Adding Style to your Car

The main purpose of your car’s exhaust system is to redirect any toxic emissions produced by the engine. So, the factory installed tailpipes and other trims are not very stylish. When you add customized tail trims to the tail pipes you increase the overall appearance. They can be made of chromium, stainless steel, and aluminized steel.

Types of exhaust trims

The market offers a wide range of exhaust trims with different styles, shapes and material.Straight Cut exhaust tips are traditional in style but reflect the image of a performance exhaust system.Angel Cut tips blend in perfectly with muscle cars. This style of exhaust tip is mostly used on 4×4 vehicles.Intercooled exhaust tips include two tubes which are surrounded by fins. They’re especially installed on exotic cars and reflect the appearance of a high-performance vehicle.Rolled Edge tips have a smooth and curved edge which adds internal depth to the sound of your engine.Single Wall tips feature only one layer of tubing, which provides a sleek appearance, whereas the Dual Wall tips are solid and offer a high visual impact. Both exhaust tips 1-2 exhaust trim walls are suitable for sports vehicles.Turndown Exit tips bend downwards towards the end of the tip and are made of chrome. Because of their design these tips produce louder sounds than others.Universal tail trims come in various styles, shapes and designs to fit a wide range of vehicles.

How to Choose Exhaust trims

You should choose exhaust trims based on design and material. If you want to protect your vehicle from hot exhaust emissions, you should choose a turndown exit tip. However, if you want to benefit from a durable tip you should opt for chrome or stainless-steel tip. What material should you decide on? Chrome is your best choice in terms of appearance and resistance. However, stainless steel tips are extremely durable and strong. Whereas, titanium tips are lightweight and durable, and carbon fiber tips never tarnish.

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