Our Story


My dream? To give something back to the car community. The "family" that has taken me in, and welcomed me.

As a car enthusiast spending so much time looking through online auctions and forums for super rare, super cool parts for my Skyline GT-R, I thought "there has to be a better way".

That's when I decided to build a search engine for Performance Car Parts, as a "tech" guy I went about building the first version of the website.


In 2009 I registered Comparecarparts.com and started working on building the very first version of the site.  It was pretty basic, but I learned a lot from it.


Greg (my daughter's favourite Uncle) who had listened to me ramble on about Compare.Parts for many years threw his hat in the ring and offered to help.

Greg by day works in Finance, but at night like a superhero, he puts on his Compare.Parts hoodie and been helping get the website off the ground.

Greg has been an invaluable addition to the team.


With the help from Ian and Matt at CreativeTheory we updated both the branding and the look and feel of the site.

Ian + Matt have been really supportive from day one, so we really appreciate their input!


In 2021, Greg and I were presented with a fantastic opportunity to pitch Compare.Parts to Howzat Ennea as part of a Fundraising MasterClass.

Through these meetings and discussions with other successful startups and entrepreneurs, we realised that our initial search and compare model was flawed. It became clear that a marketplace would be more effective in serving the car community.

This insight led us to undertake a massive project: a complete overhaul of our entire code base.


We started planning the marketplace functionality with a complete rewrite of everything from the ground up.

Our aim is to support at least 1m products.


In 2024, Vuk (aka GodofWar) joined Compare.Parts to lead the future development of the website.

Vuk is a superstar senior developer and brings years of experience to the team.

With a passion for cars, Vuk was a perfect fit, understanding exactly what car enthusiasts need. He also keeps the founder (Shah) in check with his outrageous ideas.


If you are reading this, then we've successfully launched the "Alpha" version of the site. On the new version we've

  • Increased the number of products from 45k to 300k+
  • Built Marketplace functionality (although its invite only during testing)
Founded by Shahin Fard and brought to life with the help of amazing friends, Compare.Parts is more than a marketplace. It's a community where car enthusiasts come together to find, buy, and sell performance car parts.
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