Brake Tools & Accessories


Brake Tools and Accessories

Brake equipment is used to repair or maintain the brakes of an automobile. The failure of the braking system can cause safety issues if not addressed, so you should regularly check your braking system for any problems. There are tools for the different components of a brake system.

Brake Caliper Tools

Here are some essential tools that can help you maintain or repair your brake calipers:

Brake disc caliper gauge – This tool is used to determine the extent of wear and tear in a brake disk. The disc caliper gauge may or may not come with a certificate.

Brake caliper wrench – This is used to tighten or loosen the rear axle brake caliper. It is also used to retain the bolts.

Brake caliper guide file – This is used to clean the surfaces of calipers and holders.

Wire brush – This tool is used to clean the lining surfaces of brake calipers and holders.

Wheel hubs cleaning sets – These are used to clean heavily soiled or rusting wheel hubs safely and quickly.

Honing brush – This brush is used for cleaning the holes in caliper housing. They generally produce excellent surface finishes on the disk rotors and wheels.

Mounting sleeve set – This is used in the installation of brake discs and drums.

Piston turning tool – This is used to adjust the pistons in the brake calipers.

Brake pad withdrawal tool – This tool is used to withdraw firmly-fitted disc brake pads that have holes.

Tools for Drum Brakes

Brake spring pliers – This is used in the mounting or removal of brake shoes. It is also used for installing springs on drum brakes.

Spring mounting tool – This tool is used in the removal and installation of brake shoe retaining springs.

Spring mounting pliers – This is used for the extraction and mounting of brake shoe retaining springs.

Spring hook – This is used to remove and fit springs on the brake system.

Other Braking Tools and Accessories

There are other tools and accessories that play a smaller role in the repair and maintenance of braking systems. They include:

Kneepad – This is used by drivers or mechanics to keep the knees safe while they are working in kneeling positions.

Chassis tester – This is used to check chassis bearings and detect bearing play.

Workshop cart – This is generally used in the maintenance and repair of vehicle parts, including the brakes.

Hookset – This is used in many workshops. For brake repair, it will serve as a holder for any work on the brakes.

Brake cleaner – The brake cleaner is just like the aerosol sprays. It is used to remove any deposits or debris from the components of a vehicle’s brake system.

How Can Brake Equipment Improve a Car?

A key aspect of safety in a car is the effectiveness of the braking system. As such, any driver should be armed with the right brake accessories so that they can repair and maintain the braking system whenever the need arises.

Brake equipment helps in multiple repair operations such as the change of brake pads and the adjustment of the brake shoes.

Well maintained brake systems allow a vehicle to stop or slow down whenever a driver needs to. For this reason, brake tools and accessories are a must-have for any car owner. It is important to note that certain repairs must be made by professional mechanics. Otherwise, you would be risking the failure of your brakes. The wheel brake cylinder is one crucial part of the braking system that should only be handled by trained specialists. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing or repairing any component of the braking system.

Generally, you don’t need to keep checking your brake system. You only need to follow the recommended service intervals. A garage will usually check your braking system as part of the regular service and maintenance sessions.

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