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Founded in 1871, Continental is a renowned German automotive manufacturing company specializing in tires, brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis components, and other parts for the automotive and transportation industries. With a rich history of over 150 years, Continental has established itself as a global leader in automotive solutions, committed to delivering safe, efficient, intelligent, and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic, and transportation.

Continental's tire division is one of the most respected in the industry, known for its innovative technology and high-quality products that ensure maximum safety and optimal performance in all driving conditions. The brand's comprehensive range includes tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and specialty vehicles, all designed to provide excellent handling, superior comfort, and long-lasting durability.

With a strong commitment to research and development, Continental continuously pushes the boundaries of automotive technology, pioneering new concepts and solutions that shape the future of mobility. Whether you're looking for high-performance car parts or reliable tires, Continental offers products that combine advanced technology with outstanding quality and performance.





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