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Frequently asked questions

Think of Compare.Parts as an extension of your business. To be competitive online you need to have a strong website, good search engine positioning, presence on social media etc. For some businesses this can be really expensive through digital marketing agencies or consultants. We offer a much cheaper and better value alternative. Compare.Parts will provide you with additional sales to your site, enabling you to reach a global audience of car enthusiasts.

Our fees are fair – we offer multiple models from fixed fees (think of this like rent), to performance based models (pay for people who visit your site) and lastly commission based (you pay us a small % of your sales).

If you aren’t sure, or have any questions feel free to contact us.

We have three systems to add your products to our site.

Website Crawl
The first is a crawler which we call the Autobot. The Autobot will visit your website and find products, extract important information such as the product description, the product price, product image, and most importantly a link. This information is then processed and uploaded into CompareParts. During this process we “normalise” product information to match our information schema, which basically means we categorise and add additional information if its missing, such as what vehicle the part is suited for and the Brand of the product.

Product Feeds Static
The other system is a Product Feed, we provide retailers a excel template and they send us over a list of products, images, pricing and links. We then check the data and upload it into our system.

Product Feeds Dynamic
Some of our advertisers provide a product feed of all of their parts. We import this product feed frequently to ensure we have the most up to date product range on the website

We have various systems in place to keep prices up to date. One of the systems we have is when a user visits your product on our website, if the price is over 24hrs old, we will fetch the price from your site and update the page.

Some of our advertisers update prices daily, some update them once a month, either way we do our best to ensure the products on our site are up to date.

We offer different models to suit different budgets:

  • Fixed fee – The simplest for small-medium sized businesses, you pay a monthly subscription fee to have your products displayed on Compare.Parts.
  • Commision – Retailers who have an affiliate platform like Awin can invite Compare.Parts to signup providing the commission and revenue attribution model is fair. 

We offer a three month no obligation free trial for new advertisers. Contact us for more details!

We vet all retailers that want to be listed on Compare.Parts. We need to protect our users and ensure they get the best possible experience. This to us is more important than any incremental revenue.

That said, we have some house rules:

  • An E-commerce site – customers must be able to buy your products from your website.
  • Global Shipping – Compare.Parts has a global footprint as such we only list advertisers who can ship parts globally. 
  • Payment protection – retailers must take measures to protect their customers’ payment details and be compliant with the rules and regulations e.g. GDPR
  • SSL Security – retailers ensure their websites are secure, free from malware, viruses. If you need help converting to SSL just contact us and we can provide you with some advice on how to do this.
  • Product pages on your website – We must be able to deep link to a product page on your site
  • Bait and Switch – If the price you submit to us is not what the end user gets, you will get a strike. Three strikes and you will be removed from the site. It’s not fair to users or other advertisers.
  • Negative Sentiment We reserve the right to decline or remove any retailers which have a bad reputation, of course we will talk to you first!

Please complete the form, and let us know your question in the Comment box. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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