Use this specification to format your product information for Compare.Parts. Submitting your product data to Compare.Parts in the correct format is important for creating successful product listings We use this data to make sure that it’s matched to the right products

How our imports work

Compare.Parts supports csv product feeds to import product data into the website. Each product is manually reviewed before being added to Compare.Parts site. This is to ensure the integrity of the data shown on the site.


The product information you submit will need to contain the required fields outlined in the table below.  File format should be CSV, delimited by commas (preferred) or semi-colons. If you have any questions on the product data feed, please contact your account manager. 

Product Title


Custom Cages Audi TT MK1 T45 Multipoint Roll Cage

  • This is a required field
  • Accurately describe your product and match the title from your landing page.
  • Don’t include promotional text like ‘free delivery’, all capital letters, emoji’s or foreign characters.
  • For product variants include a distinguishing feature such as colour or size
  • Titles must be unique
Product Category


Roll Cage

  • This is a required field
  • We will endeavour to match the supplied product category to our internal taxonomy.



  • This is a required field
  • Describe the Product Brand Name
Product Description


This is for an Audi TT MK1 T45 Multipoint Roll Cage designed and constructed by Custom Cages.

Inside you will find:

  • CNC formed tubes for the main hoop, A pillar hoops etc with square and profiled ends are necessary.
  • Straight tubes with profiled ends ready for welding into place.
  • Set of footplates.
  • Check list (every tube has an identifying sticker) so you can be sure you have a complete kit (we will have already have checked that you have the right tubes twice before the kit is packed).
  • Instructions sheet.
  • CD showing the fully fitted roll cage.
  • This is a required field
  • Accurately describe your product and match the description from your landing page
  • Only include information about the product
  • Don’t include promotional text like ‘free delivery’, all capital letters, foreign characters, Emojis
  • Don’t include links to your shop, sales information, details about competitors, other products or accessories
  • If you are including an image, ensure the image is the absolute (full) path including the protocol and not the relative image URL.
  • Use basic HTML formatting (for example, line breaks, lists or italics) to format your description
  • Do not include delivery information



  • This is a required field
  • Accurately submit the product’s price that matches the price from your landing page
  • Numerical values only
  • Do not include thousand separators (e.g. 1,000)
  • Do not include any currency symbols (e.g. £1,000)
  • Use a period as a decimal separator, commas are not supported. (e.g. 1000.00)
  • Make sure that your landing page includes the price in a place that’s straightforward to find
  • Ensure that the product can be purchased online for the submitted price
  • Where possible include value-added tax (VAT) or goods and services tax (GST) in the price. 
  • If prices displayed on your website are without Tax/VAT then please inform your account manager. 



  • Only one currency is permitted per retailer.
Product URL


  • This is a required field
  • HTTPS only (non secure URLs are not permitted)
  • UTM tracking codes are allowed.
  • If an affiliate programme is in place, we will create tracking URLs before importing.
  • Encoded URLs are preferred
  • Interstitial pages are not allowed
  • Redirects are allowed
Product ImageExample
  • This is a required field
  • HTTPS only (non secure URLs are not permitted)
  • Product images must be directly accessible via the link.
  • Images are downloaded and stored in the Compare.Parts Media library, they are not “hotlinked”.
  • JPG, GIF, PNG file formats are currently supported.
  • Images should be at least 500px by 500px
Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
Skyline R33 GTR
GT-R R35
Mazda Miata MX-5 2.0L 06-13
  • This is an optional field
  • We will use the value of this field to pair the product to our Vehicle Taxonomy on Compare.Parts
  • Our import system utilises machine learning to pair submitted values to our internal taxonomy


Link to Example CSV (TBC)

How we keep prices up to date

  • Prices are kept up to date via a price fetching script (we call the “Autobot”), this tool parses the destination URL’s HTML and retrieves the price from the source code. 
  • Autobot runs when a user visit a product page and the price date is older than 24hrs.
  • Autobot looks for specific class or ID’s in the destination page source code.