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A little bit about the site, our story, technology, how to use the site, the team, and the founders vision.

what is compare parts?

Compare Parts provides a one of a kind search and comparison site for aftermarket and performance car parts. We only list trusted retailers who sell performance and aftermarket car parts. We built the site to help car enthusiasts worldwide find aftermarket and performance parts from retailers globally.

So if you are building a track car and need some safety equipment, or a drift car and need some new bucket seats, Compare.Parts aims to show you everything you can get from leading suppliers globally.

Our site is built by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, currently in BETA. We like to think of it as freshly built engine that is being “run in”. 

Our team has spent countless hours building the technology that powers the site. We’ve built systems to find parts, keep part pricing up to date, local currency conversion and machine learning to normalise the data we get.

Some of the retailers on Compare Parts pay us a little commision for sales through us, some of them don’t. We don’t differentiate them as we want to be neutral.


In 2011 we came up with the idea, but we only launched in 2018 after overcoming some major technical hurdles.
Our site is built by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, we built the site as we know how hard it can be to find performance and aftermarket car parts, and wanted to do something about it. Our founder wanted to give something back to the car community, and this is way of doing exactly that.
Compare Parts is in BETA, we like to think of it as freshly built engine that is being “run in” or a game that is early release.
Our mission is to build the most comprehensive website for performance and aftermarket parts period.



We tried and tested multiple platforms before ending up where we are. We created website crawlers that extract product data from retailer websites, and convert them into a feed to be imported into our system.

We added machine learning so the system starts learning about part categories and remembering them. So it knows a “Bonnet” and a “Hood” is the same thing.

We used string recognition algorithms to analyse the product information and categorise them accordingly.

We built a system which we nicknamed the “Autobot” which fetches product pricing if its older than 24hrs.

We built in a manual review, so each product on the site is checked before its added.

When we launched, we reached a global audience, so added Currency Conversion to the website which automatically detects your location and converts the prices to your local currency and displays the source currency. 

We’ve added vehicle specifications and image galleries for popular cars too!

We still have so many ideas on how to make the site better, and we welcome feedback.



You can search products on Compare Parts in four different ways

1. Search by Part Category

If you know what you are looking for, you can search by the Part Category. You can start by using the Top level category by using the navigation at the top of the website, and filtering down using the options (on the left hand column) on results pages.

Alternatively on our homepage, we have listed the most popular categories.

2. Search by Vehicle

If you are looking for a vehicle specific part, you can search by Make and Model.
For example a Nissan S13 or a Mazda RX7 FD.
As we are more motorsport/aftermarket orientated, about 90% of the parts are listed under Universal parts.
If your car isn’t listed, or isn’t well represented on the site, contact us and let us know.


3. Search by Brand

If you are looking for a part made by a particular brand we have over 400 brands listed!
Using the Navigation at the top we’ve listed our most popular brands, if the brand you are looking for is not in the list, just click on “View All” and you will get to a page with all of our brands listed.

4. Site Search

If you are looking for a specific part, you can use the free text search to search through product titles, For example if you are looking for a “BMW E90 Roll Cage”
You can access the free text search from the Compare Parts Homepage

the a-team

Shahin Fard

CEO & Founder

Shah is the founder and creator of Compare.Parts.

Shah is an entrepreneur, digital marketer and developer for 18+ years.

Shah is a car enthusiasts, in his spare time he helps friends with their cars or works on his Nissan Skyline R33 GTR, V10 RS6 and RB26 Powered Altezzza.

Greg Oxbrow


Greg oversees business  development and heavily involved in the day to day running of the company.

Greg is a “hybrid” with a love for Football and Cars. He has a special love for RX7’s and S2000’s.

Tim Savini

Account Director

Tim is both a car and bike enthusiast, he has helped design and shape Compare.Parts from its incubation.

Tim has a very in depth knowledge of cars, bikes and aftermarket parts. He has a special love for S-Bodies.

Tim Costello

Technical Guru

Tim is a technical guru and works diligently behind the scenes support marketing and website development.

Tim enjoys winding Shah up about Priuses

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