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Demon Tweeks Rillfit Tyre Regroover

The Rillfit Tyre Regroover Kit allows tyres to be cut up to four different depths providing a flexible heat setting for each. The Tyre Regroover is lightweight enough to manoeuvre and control and includes a quick blade change facility if sets of tyres require different depths. The Cutter itself features an ergonomic handle system whilst the separate

Auto-Style 8 Ball Valve Caps, Black,White

The Auto Style 8 Ball Valve Caps provide a themed solution to replacing existing valve caps. Designed in the traditional ‘8 Ball’ design which is continually popular both in air cooled VW and other modified scenes across the globe, the valve caps will transform any wheel appearance from mundane quickly and easily. Set of

Autogrip Grip 2000 Budget Tyres – 235 45 18 94W

The Autogrip Grip 2000 tyre is suitable for all passenger cars and is an ideal tyre for every day use, with reduced noise, even wear rates and fanatastic value for those on a budget. With a unique tread design that ensures excellent traction on wet and dry road

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Different Types of Wheels

Alloys are the most common type of wheel that you will find. The term alloy refers to the metal that they are made out of because they are an alloy (or mix) of aluminium, magnesium and nickel. It is possible to get steel wheels but alloy wheels perform so much better in safety tests thanks to their ability to dissipate heat quicker which increases braking efficiency, that it rarely makes sense to choose them. They are also lighter than their steel counterparts which increases performance as well as fuel efficiency. A steel wheel might be cheaper to replace and because they are harder not as easy to damage but in the long run they are rarely worth it.

Different Types of Tyres

There are so many types of tyre available on the market, it can be a little bit confusing when it comes to replacing what you have. There's whether you want to purchase a budget, mid-range or premium tyre, whether you need a tyre to be suitable for all-seasons, summer or winter, as well as different sizes to consider. To help you choose, we'll run through the major factors that should be involved in your decision.

Size matters

The first thing you need to decide is what size tyre you require. have a look at the tyres that are currently fitted on your car. The size of a tyre is always printed in raised lettering onto the side wall. It might be in small writing but it is always there. You should always find a 9 digit number on your tyre with a letter at the end. The first three digits of this number represent the width of the tyre in mm. The letter at the end is also important because this tells you the tyre speed rating, which you should also match to the top speed of your car when you select your new tyre.


You will then need to think about the quality of tyre that you need. Everything on sale meets UK safety requirements but as with anything the more you spend, the better quality you receive, so a more expensive tyre should give you a more comfortable drive with better handling and should last longer. A premium tyre, for instance, should last between 15,000 to 20,000 miles and should provide better fuel economy, grip, and decreased stopping distances. A Mid-range tyre offers what the name suggests, a middle of the road performance. They can offer a decent lifespan but at a much cheaper price bracket than the premium sets. A budget tyre is only expected to last between 7,000 to 8,000 miles and performance might be compromised in wet or icy conditions. Having said that, they are safe and decent if you don't have the money available to spend.


Many drivers in the UK drive with a summer tyre on all year long but you do need to think about whether you might benefit from an all-season tyre or even a winter tyre. An all-season tyre is designed for a moderate climate with a light winter and is designed to be safe all year round. A winter tyre, on the other hand, has a much better grip on the road if icy conditions do hit. Consider the driving that you do to determine if it is necessary to purchase a tyre designed with a specific season in mind.