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Cobb Tuning Stage 1 Power Package featuring Accessport V3 and High Flow Air Filter

A Cobb Tuning Stage 1 Power Package comes with a Cobb Accessport V3 and High Flow Air Filter. Combining these items together achieves better results than either alone would achieve. The Accessport V3 from Cobb Tuning is a next level tuning device. Offering a huge range of tuning features with the added benefit of the handset itself functioning as a highly versatile tuning box, and gauge cluster. The Accessport V3 allows you to flash a wide range of maps onto your vehicle. It can be used as often as you like and you can download from Cobb's wide selection of maps. This means that the same device can be used to map your vehicle as you add or remove modifications. By replacing your factory map with a Cobb Tuning Remap you can modify your vehicles ECU map to increase your engines power output. Unlike other devices Cobb have tried to make the Accessport V3 so useful that you won't want to remove it from your car. Supplied complete with kit for dashboard mounting, Cobb intend you to leave it plugged and functioning as a gauge device (although if you don't want to, you don't have to). You can display up...View more

Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package featuring Intake, Front Mounted Intercooler, and Engine Mount

A Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package comes with a Cobb Accessport V3 and all the supporting hardware needed to upgrade your engine to the next level. Cobb's Accessport V3 is a state-of-the-art tuning device capable of remapping your cars ECU as many times as you like to support ongoing upgrade projects. It also functions as a digital gauge cluster and fault code reader. You can use the Accessport V3 to flash a remap onto your vehicles ECU. This would increase power by a reasonable amount on it's own, but when combined with the supplied hardware very impressive gains are to be had. The Accessport itself is a versatile, powerful remapping device. It allows you to flash a new map onto your ECU from Cobbs library of remaps as many times as you like. Remapping your engines ECU allows you to control how hard the turbo boosts and other variables like fuelling, ignition, and timing. This will normally show worthwhile gains on it's own, but when fitted alongside Cobb's matching range of hardware these gains get even bigger. By offering their own range of hardware, Cobb can tune specifically for that hardware, maximising gains. The Accessport can also be used...View more

Demon Tweeks DIY Engine Tuning Kit

Thanks to Demon Tweeks it’s never been easier to get more out of your car. Generally when people ask us how to get more out of their engine some of the first two things we recommend doing are an exhaust and a cold air intake system to help your engine breathe more easily. That gave us the idea of packaging these things together with a healthy saving! We have chosen a Scorpion Cat-Back exhaust system as the starting point of each upgrade. Every Scorpion exhaust is engineered to improve power with careful motorsport derived engineering going into every bend and bit of aircraft grade stainless steel pipework. Scorpion always aims to extract maximum power while retaining a sound that is sporty rather than just loud. To ensure you engine is breathing properly we are pairing this with a K&N cold air intake system. K&N cold air intake kits are designed to draw cold air from outside the engine bay. Cold air is denser so the engine gets more air which in turn means measurable power gains and a more eager throttle response.View more

Demon Tweeks Scorpion Exhaust and Bluefin Special Offer Bundle

A Superchips Bluefin and a Scorpion Exhaust are both great ways to get more performance out of your car. New software and hardware for extracting more performance from your engine from leading manufacturers. What could be better than that? An extra 10% saving on the bundle for starters! The Superchips Bluefin is already a great way to tune your car. A convenient handset with a proven Superchips remap that you simply plug into your car’s OBD2 port. This process that is in most cases no more difficult than updating your phone will give you up to a stonking 25% power increase on a turbodiesel engine (up to 20% on a turbo petrol and up to 10% on a normally aspirated petrol). Superchips are able to extract this power in a safe and reliable manner just by using the “slack” built into the engine by the manufacturer. This means that these remaps are safe and reliable. So reliable that Superchips can even offer a warranty. A freer flowing Scorpion exhaust is the perfect complement to a remap. Removing restrictions from an exhaust system allows for faster turbo spool-up for quicker throttle response and getting more exhaust gas out of the system...View more