Universal Exhaust Parts


Universal Exhaust Parts

The exhaust system is very important in a car. It ensures that the car runs smoothly. The system diverts exhaust fumes from the car engine, and that improves the fuel economy of the car. Importantly, the exhaust system prevents the build-up of carbon monoxide in the passenger cabin. This system is made of many parts, and these have to be replaced occasionally.

When Do You Need to Buy Universal Exhaust Parts?

The components of your exhaust system have to be replaced when the system starts giving some warning signs. These signs include:

  • Excessive vibrations – Normally, the car should only have minimal vibrations. When the vibrations become more noticeable and annoying, you should get your exhaust system checked.
  • Noises – If you hear a noise that sounds like someone is shaking coins, your catalytic converter may be faulty. This will eventually affect the functioning of the entire exhaust system.
  • Failing mufflers – It is quite easy to tell when the muffler is failing. The sound made when the exhaust fumes are released will be much louder.
  • Fuel economy – One of the functions of the exhaust system is to improve the fuel economy. If your vehicle is not getting the expected gas mileage, you should check your exhaust system.

A healthy and functional exhaust system will reduce your fuel use and ensure the proper functioning of your engine, so you should make it a priority to replace any faulty parts of the system.

Parts of the Exhaust System

The exhaust system is made of many parts, and each of them plays a special and important role in the system. Here are the essential components:

  • The manifold – This part is located in the engine of the vehicle, and its role is to take the exhaust fumes from the engine to the exhaust pipes. Generally, it prevents the leakage of the fumes to the passenger cabin.
  • Catalytic converter – The catalytic converter turns dangerous exhaust fumes to less harmful ones. It is positioned next to the manifold and is required by law. This part can get blocked or chocked after extended use. You can usually tell when this happens by the increased heat at the bottom of the car and the appalling smell of sulphur (smells like rotten eggs).
  • The muffler – These parts are made using fibreglass insulation and resonating chambers. This construction enables the muffler to reduce the sound made by the exhaust system when fumes are released.
  • The pipes – The primary purpose of the exhaust pipe is to let the fumes out of the vehicle. They are typically made of stainless steel and may have a straight or bent design.

How Long Does the Exhaust Manifold Last?

As mentioned above, the manifold provides the link between the engine and the exhaust system. It prevents the fumes from getting into the passenger cabin. The manifold has to handle hot and cool gasses continuously, and that means it constantly expands and contracts. Any system that handles that kind of stress will definitely need to be replaced at some point in the future. This particular system will start leaking gasses if it is not replaced soon enough. It is important to note that the fumes released are very dangerous to your health.

There is no prescribed length of time when the exhaust manifold will be functioning optimally. You will have to take the vehicle for checks from time to time. Also, you should check your engine light now and then to make sure the engine is running efficiently. The engine usually loses efficiency when the manifold starts leaking gasses.

Usually, when the manifold gets damaged, the plastic parts near the manifold will start to heat because of the fumes. This will release a foul smell in the car.

If you notice any issue with the performance of your engine, be sure to get the car checked since problems with the exhaust system can be very serious.

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