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Powerflex Performance Exhaust Mountings

Powerflexes advanced range of high performance exhaust mounts are constructed from a technologically advanced polyurethane plastic compound designed to fit most vehicles. The mounts are suitable for original equipment or after market exhaust systems and are easy to fit. The compounds used are hard wearing but reduce exhaust vibration and the level of noise transmitted to the cabin. Powerflex exhaust mounts are reliable and durable with Powerflex offering a lifetime warranty. Please note, many of these mounts are known to fit a specific car. If you would rather see the listings for a specific vehicle please clickhere. This listing shows products by a shape. Please click on the pictures or use the drop-down to see the different shapes available. Dimensions will be displayed above once you have selected a shape / option from the drop down. We have technical drawings available of some products please click for details: EXH001 EXH002 EXH003 EXH004 EXH005 EXH006 EXH007 EXH008 EXH009 EXH010 EXH011 EXH012View more

Powerflex Universal Bump Stops

Powerflex Bump Stops are an important finishing touch for your lowered suspension set-up. They sit at the end of the shock absorbers travel and prevent the system fully bottoming out. Made from tough durable Polyurethane compound and offering enhanced handling when the spring is at the edge of it's travel. This range of Powerflex universal bump stops is available in a number of sizes to suit most sizes of shock absorbers and piston rods. Please note, these products are being listed as universal. Sold as a pair. Please see sizing chart for rough specifications: Produce Code Diameter Height Bore BS001(click for diagram) 49mm 33mm 20mm BS002 39mm 37.5mm 13mm BS003(click for diagram) 39mm 60mm 13mm BS004(click for diagram) 39mm 78mm 13mm BS005(click for diagram) 49mm 48mm 20mm BS015 50mm 45mm 20mm BS2060 48mm 16mm M10 x 38mm long fixing studView more

Powerflex 300 Series Universal Anti Roll Bar Bushes

These universal anti roll bar bushes from Powerflex are made from a durable polyurethane material which will out perform and outlast standard rubber bushes. The bushes can be machined if an exact size for your application is not available.View more

Powerflex 100 Series Universal Top Hat Bushes

These universal top hat bushes from Powerflex contain a durable two part polyurethane bush and a stainless steel inner sleeve. The sleeve is over length and pilot drilled to allow them to be machined and drilled to suit varying applications. The bush material itself can also be machined to suit, if an exact size for your application is not available. Typical applications for the 100 series universal top hat bushes include – Swing arm location Wishbone to chassis location Panhard rod location Engine steady bars Axle locationView more

Powerflex 200 Series Universal Washer Bushes

These universal washer bushes from Powerflex contain two high performance polyurethane bushes which can be machined to size if there is no exact match for your application. Typical applications for the 200 series washer bushes include – Body panel spacers Shock absorber top mounts Vibration absorbing washers Shock absorber travel limitersView more

Powerflex Universal Bump Stop And Dust Cover Kit

The universal bump stop and dust cover kit from Powerflex are extremely hard wearing and are a universal fit. A progressive rate polyurethane bump stop provides bump protection and ride height control once fitted. The rubber dust cover bellows provide protection for the shock absorber piston rod with a water tight seal preventing dirt and grit damaging the internals of the damper. This universal kit is designed to fit all sizes of shock absorber. This kit contains 2 x PU bump stops, 2 x dust covers and 2 x cable ties to secure. Diameter = 50mm, Height = 60mm, Bore = 12.5 to 22mm Supplied as a pair.View more

Sealey Exhaust Mounting Rubbers – L59 x W59 x D13.5 (Pack of 2) – EX04

Pack of two rubber exhaust mounts. Selection of common sizes to fit many models of vehicle. Model No: EX04 Dimensions (L x D x H): 59 x 59 x 13.5mm Mounting Hole: Ø30mmView more

Sealey Exhaust Mounting Rubbers – L62 x D54 x H13.5 (Pack of 2) – EX03

Pack of two rubber exhaust mounts. Selection of common sizes to fit many models of vehicle. Model No: EX03 Dimensions (L x D x H): 62 x 54 x 13.5mm Mounting Holes: 3.5mm High 180° Slots Distance Between Mounts: 11mmView more

Sealey Exhaust Mounting Rubbers L60 x D41 x H20 (Pack of 2) – EX02

Pack of two rubber exhaust mounts. Selection of common sizes to fit many models of vehicle. Model No: EX02 Dimensions (L x D x H): 60 x 41 x 20mm Mounting Holes: Ø10.5mm Distance Between Mounts: 24mmView more

Sealey Exhaust Mounting Rubbers L70 x D45 x H37 (Pack of 2) – EX01

Pack of two rubber exhaust mounts. Selection of common sizes to fit many models of vehicle. Model No: EX01 Dimensions (L x D x H): 70 x 45 x 37mm Mounting Holes: Ø9mm, 18 x 10mm OvalView more