Tyre Treatments


Tyre Treatments: Explained

They are solutions which can be used on the outside or inside of your tyres to protect, repair or lengthen the life of your tyres. They can be used on any type of tyre whether you do regular commuter driving or whether you take your vehicle to a track to do performance driving. People often only think about their tyres when they have a puncture or the tyre is becoming worn and will then seek out a puncture repair kit or replace their tyre entirely. However, by investing in a tyre treatment you could save money, make your tyres look better and make them hold the road or track better which will in turn make your car much safer to drive, giving you peace of mind.

Different types of tyre treatments:

There are two main types of treatment, one is a solution which is rubbed onto and absorbed by the exterior of your tyre and the other one is added through the valve on your tyre which allows the solution to sit and move around inside the tyre. The treatment that you add to the exterior of your tyre uses a specially designed solution that seeps into the surface of the tyre which makes older, worn tyres look newer and give them a greater level of traction. A test to measure the softness of tyres found that after just one application the tyre was significantly less soft. The solution lasts a long time and does not evaporate. For best result, coat the tyre a few days before an event or long drive to give it time to fully absorb the solution. The other type of treatment is a puncture repair or preventative gel. The gel is poured into the valve and remains fluid inside the wall of the tyre. This means that as soon as a hole opens up, measuring up to a diameter of 3mm, it is filled and sealed to ensure that the tyre does not go down or become more damaged. Alternatively, if you already have a hole which is 3mm or less in diameter it can be repaired before more damage is done.

How tyre treatments can improve your car:

Your car safety and experience can be greatly improved with regards to safety and longevity of tyres by using specially formulated treatments. You can improve traction and therefore safety by using the exterior solution. This should be applied to tyres which are well worn and certainly when the depth of tread has been halved. To make your tyres last longer you can also use the solution on new or nearly new tyres which will significantly increase a tyre’s lifespan. Additionally, the exterior treatment will make your tyres look newer and just appear to be far more attractive. The interior treatment can save you money by preventing you from having to replace tyres damaged by a puncture. By using the gel as a preventative measure you will make your car safer to drive too, as any hole will be repaired immediately making a full blowout much less likely. By using both treatments you can give yourself peace of mind that your tyres will hold the road well in all driving conditions and know that you are less likely to have the added expense of having to pay for new tyres after a puncture. Above all else, by using treatments on your tyres you will make your car far safer to drive and for all the passengers in your car. The treatments are long-lasting and inexpensive in comparison to the cost of a new tyre.

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