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Steel Mate DIY Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

The DIY tyre pressure monitoring system from Steel Mate comes with 4 external screw on sensors and a cigarette plug in display which makes for easy installation.The cigarette plug is able to display the current tyre pressures for each tyre and allows the user to scroll through each tyre pressure and displays the pressure in PSI. The plug in cigarette also

Steel Mate Caravan & Trailer Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

You asked for it and they made it. This is the new Steel Mate TPMS for Caravans and Trailers. With an increased transmission range and suitable for 2 or 4 wheels, this system is purpose built for trailers and caravans. The excellent 5-year/62,000 miles battery life and a display charged by solar panel or USB means you will enjoy peace of mind for a long