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Ring Battery Tester – 12V Socket Connection

The Ring Battery Testers are an ideal toolbox solution for testing battery condition. Generally more accurate than some battery chargers alone, the Testers display voltage in digital format, with additional LED indication to battery life as a secondary gauge. The gauge is versatile as it can measure between 5 and 30V ensuring it is safe to use with 24V

Longacre Electronic Coil Spring Tester

This Electronic Coil Spring Tester from Longacre is extremely accurate and is made from billet aluminium. 0-3000lbs by 1lb Reads travel to 0.001″. Load cells can be removed and used as a portable scale Easy to use digital indicator to measure spring travel and a digital load readout This professional quality tester combines a precision load cell and


Intercomp Shock Gauge Needle Adapter To Suit Ohlins Style Shocks

Needle valve adapter for Intercomp’s Shock Pressure Gauge. Screws into standard “Schrader” on the gauge to suit Ohlins-style

Intercomp Digital Leakdown And Compression Tester

The Digital Leakdown And Compression Tester is an accurate, self-contained, digital, combination leak down and compression tester from Intercomp. Repeatable accuracy for engine cylinder and fuel injector/barrel valve leak down percentages. Reads engine compression pressures to 400 PSI. Locking regulator allows for incoming air pressure adjustment. Your


Intercomp Digital Damper Inflation / Pressure Gauge

Allows quick and easy pressure settings to 300 PSI (21 BAR) in 0.5 increments. Displays in PSI, BAR, kg & cm² and with a thumb operated bleeder eliminates the need to “Crack the Seal” to achieve desired pressure. Compatible with most shocks with “Schrader” valve adapter for the Penske-Style. Optional valve needle adapter for Ohlins-Style valve

Intercomp Coil Over Spring Rate Tester

This coilover spring rater from Intercomp provides an effective method of rating bump stops and determining coil bind and rod pressures.  Rates standard coils springs from 2.5″ – 6″ diameter Rates coil over setups Compresses coil over assemblies for easy adjustments Eye to Eye height 31″ 10 5/8″ jack travel with digital travel