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Frost Tube Notcher

This tube notcher allows tubing up to 2″ in diameter to be profiled ready for welding to other tubes. Ideal for roll cages, harness bars or tubular chassis work. The base allows secure attachment to a pillar drill. Angle adjustments from 0-60 degrees. Cutters not included.

Demon Tweeks Decal Sheet

This version of the ‘scrutineers delight’ safety decal sheet features tow stickers and arrows to indicate tow points for both the front and rear, internal and external battery cut off, internal and external fire extinguisher and many other useful dash marker stickers. All the stickers are pre-cut and self-adhesive for easy application. Meets the

Demon Tweeks 2Kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

This 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher is ideal for garage / workshop or paddock use. Supplied with a mounting bracket. Meets CIK regulations for kart paddock

Demon Tweeks 1Kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

This 1Kg dry powder fire extinguisher is ideal to keep in the car where space is a premium. It carries the Kite mark so meets the criteria for Brisca F2 racing. Also ideal to keep in boats, caravans or in your service vehicle. Height – 335mm Width –

Custom Cages T45 Roll Cage Tubing 1.5m Length – 40mm Diameter x 2mm

A 1.5 metre length of T45 steel tubing suitable for adding bracing or a harness bar to existing roll

Custom Cages Roll Cage Front Screen Gussets

Universal gussets designed to weld between the front legs of the roll cage and the A pillar to add strength and rigidity. Available in 2 sizes which can be trimmed to suit different cages. 100mm x 500mm 60mm x 500mm Sold as a

Cartek Combined Extinguisher / Electric Cut Out Button

External Cartek fire extinguisher button with N/O and N/C contacts and protective surround to prevent accidental switching. Fully sealed to IP68 standards for external use, but can also be used internally just as well. Can be used independently or to simultaneously activate the fire extinguisher and turn off a Cartek Battery Isolator with one

OMP 807 Formula HANS Superleggera Ultralite Harness

The OMP DA0203 HL is a lightweight 6 point harness suitable for saloon or rally cars where an FHR / HANS device will be used. 2/3″ shoulder straps provide a positive location on an FHR device for improved safety. Suitable for saloon racers or rally cars Designed specifically for use with an FHR / HANS device to improve safety Lightweight adjusters and

OMP 804 leggera 6 Point Lightweight Harness

OMP DA0204EH FHR is a 6 point professional saloon harness manufactured to the latest FIA homologation. Featuring 2/3” shoulder straps suitable only for use with an FHR / HANS device. FIA 8853-2016 approved for use in most Mortorsport disciplines when an FHR / HANS device is used. Long straps for use in a saloon or hatchback car Lightweight and ultra string

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Safety issues in motorsports

With their high speeds and high skill levels, motorsports contain a certain level of danger and have in the past led to a number of fatal incidents involving not only drivers but also spectators. Fortunately, practitioners of the sport have long been aware of these dangers, and therefore such stakeholders as equipment manufacturers, automotive engineers, organisations like the Motor Sports Association or the FIA Foundation, and drivers themselves are constantly collaborating to make the sport safer and to protect drivers, both through technological advances as well as by setting rigorous standards for safe practices. One of the results of these regulatory and research efforts is that there is now a wide variety of car safety products on the market from top brands, all meticulously designed and carefully tested to ensure that even in the unlikely event of an accident, your vehicle will keep you and your fellow occupants safe.

What types of equipment should you consider?

Equipment designed to keep you safe comes in various forms, including fire suppression systems, roll cages and harnesses. Unlike most other high-performance auto gear, these are rarely used on a day-to-day basis, and yet they must provide exceptional performance during an emergency scenario, which means that they need to be ultra-reliable. Hence, the standards for such equipment tend to be very high, and before you complete your purchase you should always check the products for compliance with UK/EU legislation or FIA/MSA regulations.

Fire suppression systems

Fire represents one of the most immediate dangers in motorsports, and so serious drivers should consider investing in equipment to combat it. Modern high-tech fire suppression comes in a very wide range of formats, from small hand-held fire extinguishers commonly known from household use, to manually operated yet integrated extinguishing systems, to large automatic onboard systems that are triggered automatically if the cabin temperature reaches a certain point.

Roll cages

These are rigid frame-like structures that are constructed out of high-strength steel and are designed to protect a vehicle’s occupants from injury during an impact. These can range from the relatively simple roll bar, which provides some degree of protection in the event of a rollover, to bolt-in cages, which offer a significantly higher level of protection, to the more expensive weld-in cages, which are lightweight and also provide enhanced stability and protection.


Harnesses come in a variety of shapes and vary in the number of points they use, i.e. at how many points the straps are fastened to the vehicle. While seat belts in normal cars come in the 3-point format, harnesses for motorsports can be bolted in at 4, 5 or 6 points, both for increasing levels of stability during the drive and for enhanced security during an incident. Most harnesses are lightweight yet rugged and come with quick release mechanisms.

What else should I consider when purchasing safety equipment?

Due to the inherent dangers, motorsports enthusiasts should be aware that keeping everyone safe is a top priority, which means that you need to invest as much time and effort in it as you would in anything else. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your needs and budget, consider going for trusted and recognised brands that have been properly tested and come with a quality guarantee. Make sure that the gear has the necessary approval marks and meets the required standards. Finally, if you do happen to come across an incredibly cheap top brand product that seems to good to be true, be cautious as there are counterfeit products out there.