Roll Cages

Roll Cages: Explained

A roll cage, or safety structure, is what is built and seen around or within a vehicle to prevent its passengers from getting hurt or injured. The roll cage didn't start appearing until the 1960s, although roll bars and hoops were used in the 1950s. The roll cage can extend over both the passenger and driver seat and comes with door bars and side impact protection.

What are the different types of roll cages?

There are different types of roll cages to choose from. A roll bar is a single bar that is placed behind the driver which can provide some rollover protection. Bolt-in cages are easier to install than the roll cages that are welded in. Bolt-in cages are powder-coated so they don't need to be painted and can be easily removed when needed. A weld-in car roll cage will be lighter than the bolt-in roll cage and will certainly provide more safety and structure. However, for some vehicle models, such as an older car, a bolt-in is preferred due to their ability to be removed.

What are multi-point cages?

A six-point motorsport roll cage means that it attaches to six points within the car. They come with lateral support and door bars that are in the main hoop and appear between the A-pillars. A multipoint roll cage is a higher specification option and includes harness tubes, cross door bars, and a tunnel brace. The 2004 model comes with a cross roof in section, screen pillar support tubes as well as the main hoop cross.

What are roll cages made from?

Roll cages are made from materials such as CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless Carbon Steel) and T45 (High Tensile Carbon Manganese Steel). The reason these materials are used specifically is that of their bending capabilities as well as its welding qualities. T45 is preferred due to its strength - it's considerably stronger than CDS. Although roll cages used with T45 can provide and deliver the same strength as a roll cage made with CDS, T45 is much lighter, meaning vehicles with a T45 frame can enjoy the benefit of more speed.However, it's worth noting that due to this, T45 is more expensive so it's used for those partaking in a higher level of motorsport and professional teams. For professional teams, the value of the car far outweighs the cost of the roll cage. Whereas some of the car roll cage models are fairly similar in terms of weight, the T45 roll cage will certainly provide much more stability and strength for your vehicle during a rollover.Finding the right motorsport roll cage for you and your vehicle can take some time, depending on your budget and the type of car that you have. Make sure you do plenty of research and consider your safety and stability whilst racing. Compare.Parts lists roll cages from specialist retailers, they should only be installed by professionals as its a critical safety component.





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