Quick Shift Kits


Quick Shift Kits: Explained

Once installed, a quick shifter will shorten the distance traveled by your gear shift to deliver optimum shifting times necessary for performance driving. You can customize the throw to meet your requirements with the help of a highly adjustable pivot which allows for change from stock to a 40% decrease in shifter throw.

Types Of Quick Shift Kits

Quick Shift kits come with a shift plate, pivot, and bolts. By reducing the travel of your stock gear shifter by up to 40%, they make gear changes much easier. However, before installing the quick shift kit, you should check that your bushes and linkages are in good condition.

The quick shift plate reduces the throw of your gearstick, increasing the speed of your gear changes, optimizing performance and reducing the strip/lap times. They’re made from lightweight but very durable materials to the highest specifications for numerous fast competition applications. They’re manufactured to guarantee very easy installation with basic tools.

Quick shift kits are best used for competition driving such as racing or drifting. The high-quality and strong material they’re made from ensures increased resistance against the harsh conditions of a race. Designed to decrease throw by around 30%, they guarantee quicker shift throws when changing gears. The hard bearings are made to withstand rough driving conditions.

However, a universal/ adjustable quick shift kit will allow for gear time optimization across a large range of applications. You can choose 5-speed adjustable models which are suitable for 5-speed gearboxes but also smaller capacity 6-speed gearboxes in various vehicles such as Audi TT All Mk1, Seat LEON Cupra 2000 upward, 1.9 Tdi 2000 onward, VW Golf GTi 2000 onward and VW Bora 200 onward which integrate 5-speed gearboxes. However, they’ll also fit a 6-speed 1.4L twin-charged engine as you’ll find in a Golf Mk6 or in the Scirocco. Other kits are specifically made 6-speed models which will fit only 6-speed gearboxes in different vehicles VW MK4 Jetta GLI, Audi MK1 TT, and MK2. VW Passat (B6) 2.0 FSit, 2.0 Diesel, or SEAT Leon / Altea K1 1.8T and MK2 2.0FSiT, 2.0 Diesel.

What Is A Short Shift Kit?

A short shift kit reduces shifter throw by decreasing the angle through which the lever moves when you change gears, implicitly shortening the movements required by your hand. The reduced angular throw improves shift speeds and gives you the right edge in high-speed conditions.

How Does The Short Shift Kit Work?

When installed in a manual transmission vehicle, a short shifter modifies the fulcrum point which is moved up the shift lever. The short shifter isn’t necessarily shorter than your stock shifter, in some cases, it can be longer. However, by moving the pivot point up the lever it provides more movement on the bottom end and less movement on the top when you change gears. Basically, it shortens the distance that you move the shifter to go up or down a gear. You can reduce the throw by up to 40%.

Short shift kits include short shifter, a plate and long bolts to help integrate the short shifter into your car’s gear system to make up for the difference in length between the stock and short shifters. You can bolt the short shifter easily into your transmission system and generate an immediate upgrade to your car’s performance.

The shift kit dramatically reduces the shift overlap when changing gears which results in firmer shifts and extended durability of the transmission parts. However, the most notable benefit of a short shifter kit is how it improves your driving experience through the increased sportier feedback.

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