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Demon Tweeks Drivers Clutch Footrest – Small Size, Silver

A universal driver’s clutch footrest available in two different sizes. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium. Dimensions –  Small 8″ long x 2″ wide Large 9″ long x 3″

Demon Tweeks Drivers Clutch Footrest – Large Size, Silver

A universal driver’s clutch footrest available in two different sizes. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium. Dimensions –  Small 8″ long x 2″ wide Large 9″ long x 3″

OMP Aluminium Drivers Footrest, Silver

Cast aluminium footrest in plain finish.

Sparco Ultra Light Carbon Pedal Set

The Ultra Light Carbon pedal set from Sparco are pre curved with the brake and clutch pedal having added strips of high grip material for safe and precise pedal control. The carbon pedals are available for manual cars and are for show or off road use

Sparco Polished Aluminium Drivers Footrest, Silver

This driver’s footrest from Sparco is made from Dural Aluminium and is supplied with mounting hardware. Rubber grommets are supplied which can be inserted into the holes on the plate to provide grip. The footrest is 200 mm long and 115 mm at widest point and 100 mm at narrowest

Sparco Anodised Aluminium Drivers Footrest – Silver, Silver

These lightweight aluminium driver’s footrests feature an embossed finish to give increased grip and are supplied with mounting hardware. Lightweight Aluminium Embossed Surface Anodised Finish Universal Dimensions: 270mm tall, 115mm wide at base and 87mm wide at

Sparco Aluminium Navigators Footrest – Anodised Silver, Silver

This universal lightweight navigators footrest is made from anodised aluminium and features an anti-slip surface. Mounting brackets and support are

Simoni Racing Special Pedal Extension Set

Featuring Brushed Aluminium surfaces with Non-Slip Rubber Inserts these Special Pedal Extensions from Simoni Racing are designed to make the pedals longer and easier to operate, particularly for advanced techniques like Heel & Toeing. Please note – Pedal extensions are for off-road and show use

Simoni Racing Carbon Shade Sport Pedal Covers

The Simoni Racing Carbon Shade Sports pedals provide a motorsport inspired upgrade to pedal styling. The Carbon Shade set is constructed from a lightweight but durable brushed alloy and features non slip pedal rubbers which sit flush of the pedal providing excellent grip and with optimum pedal control. All three pedals feature subtle Simoni

OMP Pre-Curved Pedal Set

This pedal set from OMP is universal fitting and the pedal shapes have been developed to provide easier heel and toe shifting. manufactured from sturdy 5mm thick aluminium with grip inserts in the brake and clutch pedals. Allows for easier heel & toe technique Universal fitting for manual cars Grip surface on brake and clutch to prevent foot slipping

OMP Drivers Footrest, Silver

This universal driver’s footrest from OMP is made from cast aluminium and sandblasted to give a smooth matt finish. Supplied complete with brackets and fixing

OBP Carbon Navigators / Co-Driver Footwell (Footplate), Black

The OBP Carbon Co-driver Footplate has the same carbon finish as the drivers footplate the co-driver version is designed to give comfort and protection for the footing of the co-driver. The footplate has high sides to it keep the feet within the footplate thus giving your ankles protection against any rollbars etc. It also has raised abrasvive grips to

OBP Carbon Fibre Footwell, Black

OBP Navigators carbon fibre footwell, lightweight navigators footwell, with textured surface for grip. The OBP footwell has raised serated grip pads which provide grip with the drivers boots during driving and when entering the car. The back end does not have a raised edge thus allowing any loose debris or water to disperse from around your feet.

Mishimoto Focus RS and ST250 Pedal Spacer

This Pedal Spacer from Mishimoto raises the position your foot makes contact with the accelerator pedal and so makes it easier to Heel & Toe. Mishimoto have a Focus RS development car. While they are very pleased with it, they did notice one slight niggle. They found that the position of the accelerator pedal relative to the brake pedal makes heel and

Demon Tweeks Navigator Footrest Heel Plate – 11" X 6", Silver

This aluminium heel plate is ideal for mounting in the driver’s foot well or to use with the Demon Tweeks navigators footrest in the passenger foot well. Featuring a sturdy 1.5mm aluminium construction with swaged holes for increased strength with light weight. Dimensions – 11″ x

Demon Tweeks Drivers – Navigators Universal Floor Plate, Silver

A universal floorplate suitable for fitting into the driver’s or navigator’s foot well. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium. Dimensions – 15″ x

Demon Tweeks Co-Drivers Footrest, Silver

This sturdy aluminium foot rest is designed to be mounted in the passenger foot well to provide a brace for the navigators’ feet. Dimensions – Width of base: 335mmOverall width: 355mmHeight: 190mmLength of base: 310mmOverall length: