Locking Wheel Nut / Bolts

What You Need to Know About Wheel Bolts

Because of the massive variation in the wheel and car types, a large variety of wheel bolts have been developed. It is important to understand these variations so that you can determine which type of bolt will fit your car. Here are two key aspects that you need to understand:

Hex Size

This is the distance between two opposite parallel points on the bolt. Most bolts have hex sizes of 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm. Knowing the hex size of your bolts will help you determine what size of spanner and socket you will use. It is important to note that not all hex sizes are available in all thread types.


The type of thread will be determined by the machine used to make it. It is important to inquire on the thread type since using the wrong one can damage your wheel bolts and car hub. The thread should also be long enough to fit your car. If you intend on installing wheel spacers on your car, you will usually need longer threads. Usually, the wheel spacer set will come with its own bolts, so you can use them as reference points when shopping for replacements.

Seating Types

It is important to always check the seating type of your bolts. There are three seating types available: 60-degree, round seat, and flat seat. The 60-degree type is the most common.

Wheel Bolts

Once you have found the perfect set of alloy wheels for your vehicle and wrapped them in tyres the final step is to secure them to the hubs. To do this you can purchase either a 16 or 20 piece locking wheel nut set, according to the stub pattern and diameter consistent with the hub. Given how crucial the role these components play, we would never recommend budget products and only stock the best quality produce.

Wheel nuts are typically made from steel with a chrome plate for its added resistance to corrosion. Aftermarket wheel nuts may be titanium or anodized aluminium representing a weight saving.

Tips when tightening; tighten touch tight while vehicle is off the ground working along the bolts in a star pattern (i.e. tighten then move to the opposite bolt and repeat). Once your vehicle is back on the ground, proceed to tighten bolts ideally with a torque wrench, remember to move from bolt to bolt in a star pattern.

Also remember to keep the locking wheel nut key in a memorable place within the vehicle, in case a tyre gets a puncture and access is required.





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