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Clean Trim – Antibacterial spray Interior Cleaner – Juicy Details

Our brand new antibacterial, anti-virus and odour eliminating interior cleaner all in one! It’s here! Our Interior cleaner that most people are buying to use around the house! Clean Trim does not just kill 99.9% of germs like your average antibacterial cleaner, our product is also a virus killer meaning if there’s anything hiding on hard surfaces that

Fabric Cleaner – Juicy Details

Effective cleaner for use on all fabrics, interior carpets and trim, dashboards, vinyl & plastics and cabriolet roofs. A great APC (All Purpose Cleaner) specifically designed for fabrics. Great for carpets, seats and cabriolet

Fabric Pro Seal – Juicy Details

Juicy Details Fabric Pro Seal is designed to protect your cars interior from unwanted spillages, preventing stains from getting in and out of your car with wet muddy feet, making cleaning much

Leather Cleaner 2 in 1 – Juicy Details

Our Juicy Details car leather cleaner is designed to get into all of the dirt and grime that comes with owning a leather interior, especially with kids! It’s ok to wear your favourite blue jeans in your car… just know that our leather cleaner and conditioner is looking after your

Matte Trim Interior Dressing – Juicy Details

Formerly known as Juicy Details Tropical Infusions Cabin Dress, our Matte Trim Interior Dressing is our car interior dressing for the fresh showroom look. The perfect choice to dress your interior trims for the OEM finish whilst leaving a lovely tropical scent every time getting into your car. Matte Trim is for the car interior OEM look. No shiny glossy