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HKS Super Fire Iridium Spark Plug – NGK Heat Range #7

HKS Super Fire Racing Iridium Spark-plugs are designed to offer outstanding performance on both stock and tuned engines.HKS have engineered these spark plugs with outstanding designed to stand up to the demands of highly tuned engines.HKS Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs use a 0.6mm Iridium Alloy Center Electrode. This is standard on performance spark plugs. It improves durability and ignition performance and requires a lower voltage to make a spark.The outer electrode features a platinum chip which boosts ignition performance whilst improving durability. It's also been designed to be short for improved resistance against vibration.The plugs outer casing is designed to resist carbon build-up to help prevent misfires.The reduced voltage requirements of the plug help ensure the ignition performance even under high boost pressure.For rotary applications, HKS use a different design of plug with an electrode design engineered specifically for the unique requirements of these engines.Please note :-The same spark plug can be used in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 cylinder engines. For this reason spark plugs are priced individually.View more

SplitFire Split V Spark Plugs

The patented "V" Technology that is found in SplitFires' Performance spark plugs is one that is unique, and has been a major factor in helping to improve combustion efficiency.The Split "V" design differs from other spark plugs in the shape of the side electrode where, what usually is a solid arm, the metal is in a "V" shape. The gains that this shape provide are that when the flame kernel is usually blocked and sent around the electrode, the "V" design allows the flame to travel through the gap in the centre as well as around the sides. This allows the flame to reach the centre of combustion quicker so that there is less unburnt fuel leaving the combustion chamber. Because of this, more of the fuel that is injected into the combustion chamber is converted into power.Other design features of the plug include a rib free ceramic insulator which ensures a good seal to reduce the chance of spark flashovers. The centre electrode is copper-cored to provide superior heat control and distribution, enabling the ability for greater heat range options.PLEASE NOTE : Sold Individually. View more

SplitFire Triple Platinum Spark Plugs

SplitFires' Triple Platinum spark plugs make use of the exclusive Split "V" electrode which provides better and more efficient combustion. This is due to the unique split design which allows the flame kernel to move through the gap in the centre as well as around the side of the electrode. However this particular plug has an added performance advantage in that it has three points of platinum. This significantly reduces electrode wear to the point where it is virtually eliminated. Not only that, but the platinum tipped fine wire electrode requires less voltage to fire at any rpm. The Triple Platinum spark plug also has a copper core centre electrode for better heat management properties and for increased heat range capabilities. The copper core also allows for quicker heat dissipation which delivers more consistant performance as the electrode is kept at the right operating temperature. View more