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Motordyne M370 Intake Manifold TM Nissan 370Z 09-14

MOTORDYNE M370 TM Intake Manifold. This manifold is designed to increase the all ready powerful 370z motor and push it past stock power. A bolt on manifold modification for 10-14 HP more upper midrange power and torque. Features: 10-14 HP. Bolt On. Patent Pending. 2 year warranty. Fitment: Nissan, 370Z,

Skunk2 Evo VIII-IX Pro Series Intake Manifold

The intake manifold solution street-driven Evo VIII-IX owners have been waiting for is here. Skunk2’s Evo Pro Series Intake Manifold was designed with “street enthusiasts” who utilize turbochargers as small as the factory unit in mind and want more power without sacrificing mid-range performance. Skunk2’s all-new, cast-aluminum Evo Pro Series Intake

LMA Bulkhead Cable Adjuster

Ideal for use with universal throttle cables this bulkhead adjuster comes complete with adjuster nut and lock nut. M6