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Auto Marine Battery Distribution Board

Auto Marine's Battery Distribution Board bolts directly to the battery positive terminal. It can be fitted with 8 maxi blade fuses and 2 midi fuses. It is supplied with 4 x 2-way housings to supply auxiliary circuits (cable sizes 4-6mm). The main power cable fits onto an M8 stud, with 2 x M5 studs to connect to the midi fuses.View more

Demon Tweeks Standard Blade Fuse Box With LEDs

These fuse boxes are designed to fit standard size blade fuses and feature LED illumination to indicate when in use. Constructed from high quality polycarbonate and with a clear cover, these fuse boxes provide a solid and reliable solution for multiple fuse wiring. Available in a choice of 4, 6 and 10 way options. Rated to 100A per block and 30A per fuseView more

Auto Marine Blade Terminal Fuse Box

Blade Terminal Fuse Boxes from Auto Marine are designed as an automotive surface mounted fuse box to take standard type blade fuses. Unlike their panel mount fuse boxes, its surface mount design has the wiring terminals on the sides of the box, and it is available in 4, 6 or 8 way options with a clear clip on cover.View more

Auto Marine Splash Proof Fuse Holder

These individual fuse holders are designed to accept standard automotive blade type fuses and are fitted with a splashproof cover to prevent the ingress of water and dirt etc and they can be clipped together to form a multiple fuse box. Sold individually and supplied complete with cover, silicon gasket, terminal locking bar and 2 terminals.View more

ETA Single Way Mounting Base

Mounting base suitable for ETA 1610 and 1170 series circuit breakers, fitted with single spade terminals for ease of fitment. Ideal if adding single circuits to an existing loom, or for fitting circuit breakers in line in an existing circuit.View more

LMA Continental Fuse Box

A fuse box with cover and screw terminals, supplied with 8 amp continental style fuses.View more

ETA Circuit Breaker Boxes

These circuit breaker boxes are designed to replace fuse boxes when installing and using circuit breakers. Each position is fitted with two spade terminals on the input and outputs which are accessible from the rear of the panel after the base is installed. The lid of the boxes is seated on a gasket to prevent rattling and dirt ingress etc. 2 boxes are available, a 8 way to suit 1610 series breakers, and a 6 way box to suit 1170 series breakers.View more

ETA Circuit Breaker Multi Base Assemblies

As per the single mounting bases, but aligned with 2 bonded steel rods to give strength and stability. Cables with suitable terminals can be bolted to the 140 amp capacity bus bar. Suitable for all 1610 and 1170 series circuit breakers.View more

Auto Marine Clear Lid To Suit Individual Blade Fuse Holder

This clear clip on lid suits the Auto Marine single blade fuse holders. Fuse holder pictured not included.View more

Auto Marine Individual Blade Fuse Holder

These single blade fuse holders from Auto Marine are designed to take a single blade type fuse and they can also be clipped together to make up a fuse box of your size. Supplied with terminals. Clear clip on lid sold separately.View more