Fire Extinguishers & Accessories


Car Fire Extinguishers: Explained

An essential item in any car should be a fire extinguisher whether you are an urban driver or participate in performance and motorsport activities including racing and rally cars. The extinguishers used for cars are exactly the same as standard fire extinguisher but are more compact to save room.

What are Typical Car Fire Extinguishers and Accessories?

The extinguisher you use will depend on the size and use of your car, and it should be able to deal with fires that range from class A such as paper and material, class B caused by grease, petrol and other liquids and class C which are fires caused by highly flammable gases and similar substances. For an extinguisher that can cope with the demands of all these types of fire, a dry powder extinguisher is the best buy so that it will be able to cover all potential fire hazards effectively.

In terms of size, for larger vehicles and those with more inflammable properties, a 2kg fire extinguisher is the best buy. However, if you are a truck or van driver there are particular specifications and regulations for which type you should carry, so check this out first to ensure you get the right type for your vehicle.

For standard cars and those used for normal driving capacity, a smaller powder extinguisher will suffice. Sizes are available from 1kg to 2kg and are economical and easy to purchase from good car accessory firms, and they often come complete with a mounting bracket to prevent damage caused from banging around loosely in the vehicle which is not recommended.

Standard guidance from RAC and other motoring bodies is to store the extinguisher in the boot of your car – part of the logic behind this is to ensure that you get out of the vehicle which will mean you can assess the damage and react more quickly. In addition, guidelines stipulate that you shouldn’t open the boot fully as the sudden surge of oxygen can inflame the fire and make it grow more quickly, so the advice is to partially open and spray through the gaps.

How Car Fire Extinguishers and Accessories Can Improve Car Safety

Securing the best fire extinguisher will not only provide peace of mind but should be considered as a key safety item whatever type of car you drive. Look for fire extinguishers that consist of dry powder and have a BC or AB rating as well as a BS kitemark and CE mark. All these ratings verify that the extinguisher meets all safety regulations and conforms to industry specifications.

Car Fire Extinguishers Accessories and Kits

When you order your fire extinguisher make sure you have the relevant component parts and order the accessories that go with it, or alternatively purchase a full kit:

Hand-held fire extinguisher:

Usually for standard vehicle use and some models come complete with mounting bracket and quick release straps.

Lifeline Fire Extinguisher:

Ensure you get the correct size of connector for your fire extinguisher to enable pressurising when needed.

Mechanical Fire Extinguisher:

Full kits are available which are particularly suitable for rally/saloon car use and come with all accessories needed to fit and operate.

Electronic Fire Extinguisher:

This very innovative technology utilises electricity, and in conjunction with the correct amplifier can put out fires extremely effectively by interacting with the charged particles within the flame.

Therefore, when you are considering the best safety kit for your car, for a relatively small price you will not only potentially save lives but may also prevent extensive car damage and hefty repair bills.

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