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Mikalor Stainless Hose Clamp

The stainless steel clamps from Mikalor are a high quality, heavy duty clamp ideal for securing exhaust pipes and turbo or coolant hoses. There are two versions of the clamp available; Supraclamp uses 430 stainless steel with a zinc plated high tensile bolt and thread locks for the toughest of hose and exhaust clamping applications. SupraProclamp is made of 304 marine grade stainless steel throughout for improved corrosion resistance and highest clamp pressure. Sold individuallyView more

ABA Spring Hose Clip

These spring clips are an evolution of the original ABA clip and feature a thin insert of hard rolled stainless steel. By having a completely smooth band inside the clip, the tightening force is distributed evenly around the hose circumference, resulting in a more secure fit with a better seal. The insert also compensates for the expansion and contraction which occur with silicone hoses during temperature changes, thus minimising leakage. Available with a zinc plated or stainless steel housing. Note: Zinc Plated finish option shown. The Stainless Steel finish is all silver. Sold individually.View more

Protec Fuel Systems Norma Cobra Hose Clip – Pair

A pair of Norma Cobra type hose clips. Rounded edges offer hose protection and the diameter is self adjusting to compensate for any discrepancies in the hose outer diameter. Ideal for fuel pipe connection.View more

Automec Hose Clip Flexidrive

This flexidrive provides the ideal method of tightening or loosening hose clips. The flexible shaft with a 7mm socket end means that even hard to reach clips aren't a problem.View more

Turbosmart Dual Bead Shield Hose Clip

Specifically developed for higher pressure applications using silicone hoses, the Turbosmart Dual Bead Shield Hose Clips ensure optimum reliable performance. The Turbosmart Hose Clips concentrate band sealing pressure which can lead to an increase in performance of up to 30% compared to standard smooth clips. The Clips also feature flanged edges which protect softer compound silicone hose walls whilst maintaining a secure fit for reduction of hoses blowing off. A Choice of diameter ranges are available to suit many applications.View more

Samco Hose Clip Kit

The SamcoSport Hose Clip Kits contain all the stainless steel hose clips you need for their specific range of performance silicone hoses. Each clip kit is tailored to each silicone hose kit, saving you the time and trouble of making sure that you order the correct size and number of clips to suit. Stainless steel with a smooth inner and rolled edges to protect your new hoses. Picture for illustration purposes only – size and quantity of clips may differ from shown.View more