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Demon Tweeks Air Vent Duct Small Dome

These window vents are an ideal addition if you require more airflow through your cockpit. This, the small variant can be suitable for smaller window slider apertures. The Polycarbonate construction gives this product excellent comparative strength, whilst important issue of weight is kept to a minimum. Dimensions: 45 x 95 x

Demon Tweeks Air Vent Duct Large Dome

These window vents are an ideal addition if you require more airflow through your cockpit. This, the large variant can be suitable for larger window slider apertures. The Polycarbonate construction gives this product excellent comparative strength, whilst important issue of weight is kept to a minimum. Dimensions: 70 x 140 x

Demon Tweeks Air Vent Duct Adjustable

This product is an ideal addition should you require an increase in airflow into your cockpit. Attaching to the window over the current slider system, this particular item can be adjusted allowing just the right amount of air in. This item, made from polycarbonate ensures visibility is maintained, whilst weight is kept to a minimum. Dimensions: 182mm


Demon Tweeks AC Cobra Type Rear Light

This AC Cobra type stop and tail light mirrors the classic design of the original AC Cobra lights (a highly sought after part). The light and reflector uses a chrome plated brass surround with a rubber mounting gasket. Dimensions:


Demon Tweeks 7 Inch Tripod Headlight

This Period-style 7 inch diameter headlight unit replicates the design of lights used on a variety of classic cars and sports cars, but with more modern halogen performance. The lights use an H4 bulb and also feature a sidelight. Priced as a

Demon Tweeks 4 Position Fan Switch With Knob

This fan switch features 4 selectable positions, including off, and can be used to control the fan speed of heaters with a built in resistor. The switch itself does not contain a resistor so will need to have one wired in line with it in order to control the speed on certain fans or heaters. The switch features a plastic outer housing and spade type

Demon Tweeks 3.8kw Standalone cab Heater 12V

This standalone heater is suitable for a wide range of applications from trucks and agricultural equipment through to camper vans and classic cars. An integrated 3 speed fan switch along with a hot or cold water control switch allow the user the ability to adjust the heating intensity with a fan capable of delivering an airflow of 100cfm. All that is


Demon Tweeks 12V 600w Ducted Electric Cab Heater

Ideally suited to applications where a fume free and reliable heating solution is required, this ducted electric cab heater provides a neat and effective package that is capable of producing a 200, 400 and 600w output. Weighing in at only 1.42kg, this lightweight heater is perfect for camper vans, light trucks or commercial vehicles due to being fitted with


Demon Tweeks "USA" Style Mirror

This classic looking chrome “USA” Style Mirror has been designed to recreate the look of mirrors from classic American vehicles. With round glass mounted on a chromed foot, it is possible to mount this mirror on either the front wing or on the door.   Sold

DC Electronics LED Rear Light

This LED rear light is ideal for sportscars, prototypes or any type of one off build. This universal rear light uses 88 ultra bright individual LED’s, split into 3 separate circuits (stop, tail and indicator circuits). It is designed to be surface mounted. Dimensions: 120x80x17mm *Not MSA or FIA Approved for rain light


DC Electronics Headlamp Flash Circuit

The headlamp flash circuit is a stand alone system which can be connected to any momentary switch (supplied separately). When the switch is operated the circuit flashes the headlamps 10 times regardless of whether the lights were previously switched on or off. This makes it perfect for use when approaching back markers to make them aware of you without you


Cibie Replacement Lens Unit

Replacement lens unit to suit Cibie lamps. Ideal to replace damaged or broken parts.Sold

Cibie Replacement Lens Covers – Oscar/Oscar Plus Lens Covers

These Spare Lens Covers from Cibie are a direct replacement for the covers supplied with the lamps when bought new. Ideal if you need to replace a cover lost on a stage, in between stages, or even lost in storage etc. Also ideal if you are using a set of old or used lamps that don’t have covers. Supplied as a

Cibie Integral Mount Fog Light

These 80mm Round Fog Lights are designed to be mounted integral/flush with your vehicles bumper or bodywork. Ideal for kit car builders, special one-off builds, or even replacing/modifying original oe spec bumper mounted fog lights. The lens of the light is soda lime glass for extra resistance against thermal shock, and optimum performance is gained thanks

Cibie Airport Lamp – Drive Lamp ** Not manufactured by Cibie**

The Airport lamp is a rectangular auxiliary light, available in a drive beam pattern. It is particularly suitable for passenger cars, and its flexible single bolt fixing means it can be mounted above or below the bumper. The shell is constructed of high thermal absorption steel with a black finish. The Airport lamps are fitted with an isolated earth and a

Cartek Fog Light Switch Control Unit

This fog light switch control unit is designed to conform to the latest IVA regulation concerning Rear Fog Lights on kit cars and imports. This simple unit is an inexpensive solution, previously a rear fog light could simply be switched on and off, using a dedicated fog light switch, as long as this switch was powered by the headlamp circuit therefore

CarbonSpeed Carbon Fibre Side Skirts

High quality genuine carbon fibre side skirts from CarbonSpeed. Precision made for strength with a sleek lightweight design.This greatly enhances the look of your car, giving it a much more aggressive


CarbonSpeed Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser

Carbon fibre rear diffuser for BMW F80 M3 and F82/83 M4. Made from high quality carbon fibre. This lightweight design is easy to fit and greatly enhances the look of the rear of the car as well as adding extra protection for the rear


CarbonSpeed Carbon Fibre Ducktail Boot Spoiler, Black

High quality genuine carbon fibre ducktale boot spoiler from CarbonSpeed. Precision made for strength with a sleek lightweight design.This greatly enhances the look of the rear of the


Bosch Superplus Universal Wiper Blade – 13 Inch, to Suit Hook Wiper Arm Connections

The Super Plus Universal range of wiper blades from Bosch are constructed with dual rubber ensuring that they continue to clean effectively for longer. Each blade comes pre-mounted with Bosch’s unique ‘Quick-Clip’ adaptor so the can be fitted in a matter of seconds. Supplied

Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blade – 650mm

Hooked-type fitment – will fit most hooked-type wiper arms that use standard style wipers as original equipment.Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blades are now popular on most new vehicles straight from the factory – for the style and supreme performance advantage over conventional wiper blades. Now they are available for retrofitting to many vehicles that

The Knowledge



Exterior vehicle styling is a mode to differentiate and break away from the uniform stock visual aesthetics vehicles looked like the day they rolled off production lines. With the wide variety of aftermarket design items now available, customising visuals to the owner’s palate can elevate that bond between owner and vehicle. From subtle, discreet changes like debadging all make and model emblems from your vehicle – all the way up to installing extreme, wide-arch body kits – Compare.Parts has you covered;

  • Lighting and blubs to draw your focus to the path ahead
  • Body kits to better accentuate your vehicles curves
  • Grilles and meshes to distinguish inlets
  • Rear spoilers to generate that high-speed aero
  • Quick release bonnet pins for those whom require quick access to the engine bay
  • Window tinting can be functional or aesthetic
  • Wing mirrors can make the car lines sleeker
  • Wiper blades to improve visibility in poor weather
  • Paintwork materials and preparation to lay the groundwork
  • Paintwork car care to maintain the impact of fresh paintwork
  • Under-sealing and rust treatment to look after the undercarriage
  • Towing hook for track focused vehicles
  • Fuel filler caps can better suit the lines of your vehicle
  • Number plate housing can be amended but must stay inside the minimum legal dimensions
  • Antenna aerials can improve radio connection