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Demon Tweeks AC Cobra Type Rear Light

This AC Cobra type stop and tail light mirrors the classic design of the original AC Cobra lights (a highly sought after part). The light and reflector uses a chrome plated brass surround with a rubber mounting gasket. Dimensions:

Demon Tweeks 4 Position Fan Switch With Knob

This fan switch features 4 selectable positions, including off, and can be used to control the fan speed of heaters with a built in resistor. The switch itself does not contain a resistor so will need to have one wired in line with it in order to control the speed on certain fans or heaters. The switch features a plastic outer housing and spade type

Demon Tweeks "USA" Style Mirror

This classic looking chrome “USA” Style Mirror has been designed to recreate the look of mirrors from classic American vehicles. With round glass mounted on a chromed foot, it is possible to mount this mirror on either the front wing or on the door.   Sold

DC Electronics LED Rear Light

This LED rear light is ideal for sportscars, prototypes or any type of one off build. This universal rear light uses 88 ultra bright individual LED’s, split into 3 separate circuits (stop, tail and indicator circuits). It is designed to be surface mounted. Dimensions: 120x80x17mm *Not MSA or FIA Approved for rain light

DC Electronics Headlamp Flash Circuit

The headlamp flash circuit is a stand alone system which can be connected to any momentary switch (supplied separately). When the switch is operated the circuit flashes the headlamps 10 times regardless of whether the lights were previously switched on or off. This makes it perfect for use when approaching back markers to make them aware of you without you

Cibie Replacement Lens Covers – Oscar/Oscar Plus Lens Covers

These Spare Lens Covers from Cibie are a direct replacement for the covers supplied with the lamps when bought new. Ideal if you need to replace a cover lost on a stage, in between stages, or even lost in storage etc. Also ideal if you are using a set of old or used lamps that don’t have covers. Supplied as a

Cartek Fog Light Switch Control Unit

This fog light switch control unit is designed to conform to the latest IVA regulation concerning Rear Fog Lights on kit cars and imports. This simple unit is an inexpensive solution, previously a rear fog light could simply be switched on and off, using a dedicated fog light switch, as long as this switch was powered by the headlamp circuit therefore

Bosch Superplus Universal Wiper Blade – 13 Inch, to Suit Hook Wiper Arm Connections

The Super Plus Universal range of wiper blades from Bosch are constructed with dual rubber ensuring that they continue to clean effectively for longer. Each blade comes pre-mounted with Bosch’s unique ‘Quick-Clip’ adaptor so the can be fitted in a matter of seconds. Supplied

Auto-Style Universal Shark Fin Aerial – Short Adhesive Mounted, Black

Designed to replace existing aerial unit with an aerodynamic and low profile solution, the Auto-Style Shark Fin aerials provide functionality with great looks. Available in a choice of style and size to fit most applications, the Shark Fin aerials are either screw fix or adhesive (depending on aerial) type for a secure and easy fix. The aerials are supplied

Auto-Style Iron Cross M6 Screws – Pair

The Auto-Style Iron Cross Screws are M6 threaded making them suitable for fitment to many parts of the car interior or exterior. The Iron Cross screws feature small iron cross detail on the sides, and the screws are supplied in

AutoArt Universal Triangular Side Repeater Kits – Smoke

The universal triangular side repeater kits from Autoart are suitable for most vehicles with surface mounted side repeaters. The side repeater kits are available in a choice of colours to enhance the appearance of most vehicles. A comprehensive kit contains: 2 x Amber bulbs 2 x Bulb holders and cables 4 x Cable connectors 2 x Self adhesive fixing gaskets

Allstar Performance Cartridge Roll Porting Kit

Containing an assortment of straight, half tapered and fully tapered cartridge rolls in fine, medium and coarse grits this kit is ideal for porting cylinder heads and intake / exhaust manifolds. Suitable for use in a die grinder with a 1/4″ chuck and a maximum speed of 20,000rpm Supplied in a re-sealable plastic box. PLEASE NOTE: Picture For

Grayston 4mm Thick Mudflaps

These professional quality mudflaps are made from 4mm thick durable PVC and conform to the 2011 MSA specification for rally car mudflaps. Ideal for road or stage applications, there is a range of colour options for optimum function with appearance. Dimension – 500mm x 300mm Sold as a

OMP Polyethylene Mudflaps

The OMP Polyethylene Mudflaps are manufactured from 1.5mm thick polyethylene and are a vital addition to your competition vehicle from a preparation perspective. These items are now compulsory in many forms of rallying and are used to deflect dirt and debris from the vehicle body rather than as a protective solution. Dimensions: 50 x 30cm Sold in

Allstar Performance Vehicle Underbody Protection Material

Top quality 2mm thick material manufactured from flexible high density polyethylene (HDPE). Supplied in a large sheet so it can be trimmed down to be used to protect against stones, gravel and mud on competition vehicles. Perfect to use as wheel arch liners on rally cars or 4×4 vehicles or as mud flaps (non MSA use). Available in a range of colours.  

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Exterior vehicle styling is a mode to differentiate and break away from the uniform stock visual aesthetics vehicles looked like the day they rolled off production lines.With the wide variety of aftermarket design items now available, customising visuals to the owner’s palate can elevate that bond between owner and vehicle.From subtle, discreet changes like debadging all make and model emblems from your vehicle – all the way up to installing extreme, wide-arch body kits – Compare.Parts has you covered;

  • Lighting and blubs to draw your focus to the path ahead
  • Body kits to better accentuate your vehicles curves
  • Grilles and meshes to distinguish inlets
  • Rear spoilers to generate that high-speed aero
  • Quick release bonnet pins for those whom require quick access to the engine bay
  • Window tinting can be functional or aesthetic
  • Wing mirrors can make the car lines sleeker
  • Wiper blades to improve visibility in poor weather
  • Paintwork materials and preparation to lay the groundwork
  • Paintwork car care to maintain the impact of fresh paintwork
  • Under-sealing and rust treatment to look after the undercarriage
  • Towing hook for track focused vehicles
  • Fuel filler caps can better suit the lines of your vehicle
  • Number plate housing can be amended but must stay inside the minimum legal dimensions
  • Antenna aerials can improve radio connection