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Titek Carbon Radiator Cooling Shroud Nissan 350Z 03-06

Titek Carbon Radiator Cooling Shroud Nissan 350Z 03-06 TiTek carbon fiber cooling plates are designed to direct air towards the top of the radiators to aid in maintaining lower water temperatures. They are made with very high quality and are surfaced with a nice shiny clear coat to reduce fading from heat. Installation is a breeze, depending on application

NRG Stainless Steel Air Diversion Panel Nissan 350Z 03-06

NRG has developed a new line of Radiator Diversion Panels. These units maximize the cooling capabilities of the radiator. Rather than letting air escape through structural gaps on the vehicle, it is redirected into the radiator. By increasing the amount of airflow passing through the radiator, the efficiency of the radiator is improved. Coolant temperatures

APR Performance Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Shroud Nissan 350Z 02-08

The flow of air is not only limited to the outside of a car. To maximize cooling capabilities, a radiator needs a direct flow of air to allow an engine to maintain consistent temperatures on the race track. Because of structural gaps above the radiator, the flow of air could escape making the radiator not as efficient as it could be. To help improve the


Cusco Radiator Cooling Plate

Cusco’s Radiator Cooling Plate prevents overheating of the radiator fluid during hot days by increasing the airflow through the radiator. At higher speeds, air coming through the front of the car can get backed up on the surface of the radiator and will eventually try and find a way around, instead of through, the radiator. By covering the open space


Seibon Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate Nissan Skyline R34 99-01

SEIBON Carbon, a division of SEIBON International, Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality carbon fiber automotive body components such as hoods, trunks, fenders, and aerodynamic body additions such as rear spoilers and side skirts. If the excess space above the radiator core is too large, air entering from the front of the car will


Seibon Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate Nissan Skyline R32 89-94

Seibon carbon fiber aerodynamic and body upgrades are hands down some of the best quality parts available. Starting off in 2004, Seibon has become one of the most recognized names in carbon fiber acutrements. Every component is constructed with a consistent weave pattern and uses one single carbon fiber sheet which ensures no breaks in the lines. Seibon s