Competition Suspension Kits Explained

Competition Suspension Kits are associated with high performance and handling extreme conditions on the race track. They're designed to face the demands of racing which factory-installed parts can't handle and include coilovers, shock absorbers, dampers, heavy-duty coil springs, joints, struts, control arms, leaf springs and sway bars. Aside from driving and handling, special parts are used to improve cornering at high speeds.

What Are the Main Competition Suspension Parts?


Coilovers are a great upgrade to your shocks and springs because they can be adjusted and are highly flexible. You can raise or lower your vehicle depending on the conditions of the race track. They feature digressive damping technology (compression & rebound) and separate pre-load height and springs adjustments. Coilover kits can come in monotube shock design with up to 30 levels of damping adjustments and axis bushings which enable accurate adjustment under load. The front spring rate can reach 5kg/mm and rear spring rate can reach 6kg/mm. Some kits include front and rear camber plates. It's your choice to decide on the height of your vehicle and you're not limited to any preestablished height. With the help of concave locking rings, the vehicle's height is locked in. To sharpen steering response and increase feedback, manufacturers also include pillow ball mounts.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers act as a damping system. When your car is on the move, the springs change, and energy is released and absorbed by the dampers. Without shock absorbers the springs just keep bouncing because the energy gets transferred to the body structure of your car. They dampen the springs' movements and guarantee a smooth ride by converting kinetic energy into heat energy which is redirected to the hydraulics. Rally dampers are designed with monotube technology and have spring steel valve discs engineered carefully for each separate application to provide extreme on-track control and handling. As a leader in the motorsport suspension sector, Bilstein's front dampers are manufactured specifically for racing and feature Upside Down monotube technology to handle the most demanding and extreme conditions of a race. The larger surface on the piston improves the shock absorption capacity which leads to increased control and handling. Even under heavy-duty work, Bilsteins' dampers guarantee increased performance due to heat dissipation capabilities.

Performance Suspension Kits

Performance suspension kits usually include specifically engineered racing springs and dampers which guarantee incredible handling and control of your car on the race track. They offer racing drivers a clear advantage in sportiness, dynamics and comfort. Dampers are made from top-quality and durable materials featuring an upside down monotube design which increases accuracy and provides more rigidity to your car. A high-tech damper also includes a valve system which provides maximum dynamics. Dampers can be adjusted in terms of stiffness and height to match your car's specs with the requirements of the race track and your driving style. The springs found in competition motorsport suspension kits match the dampers to create an all-rounded integrated system and improve the performance of your car during the race. By using special suspension sets, your car can be lowered up to 50 mm to meet the requirements of a race track. All parts are friction optimized and integrate special seals and strong coating. Some manufacturers integrate a staggered digressive valve technology which guarantees optimized steering control and response due to the dampers' high absorption capacity on rough surfaces. This technology generates optimal accuracy during racing, incredible responsive turn-in and excellent control over the chassis of your car. Strike a flawless balance between your ride's specs and the high demands of the race track and optimize using the best performance suspension kits on the market.





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